Podcast # 178 – “Unforgettable”

This week I cover a romantic Voyager episode and some of the usual geeky news and information.
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This week’s show started off with a “Hulk intro” sent in by our good friend Rob in Orlando. Thanks for that! I also pass along my thoughts on the latest “Hulk” film. I saw it yesterday and enjoyed it. This movie gets moving into things very quickly and has a lot of action. I really liked Ed Norton as Banner too. So another summer movie has now hit. And we have many more to come. I also chat briefly about the Trek film. There is a brief snippet of an interview with Zachary Quinto (this guy seems to be everywhere and gets interviewed a lot). He talks extremely briefly about the Trek movie and also about coming back on next season’s “Heroes.” Click HERE to see the interview. I also talk a bit on the podcast about part three of “Star Trek: Of Gods and Men.” The final piece is out as of today. Lots of cool battles in it, a huge number of Trek and Sci-Fi celebs and some very funny credits. Check it all out HERE when you can. And I talk about the most recent episode of “Battlestar Galactica.” This episode just pulled out all the stops and was amazing. This also was the mid season finale and it looks like we have to wait until 2009 before we get the rest of season 4. Frak!

Then it’s on to this week’s main topic which is the Voyager episode, “Unforgettable.” This is a fourth season episode and is primarily a romance between Chakotay and an alien woman named Kellin (played by Virginia Madsen). The ‘hook’ in this tale is that Kellin’s race emits a substance that causing any alien they meet to not be able to form long term memories of them. After a few week’s their memories fade. At first Chakotay doesn’t even remember her and then slowly they fall in love again. It’s a bittersweet episode and reminds me of some other movies and TV shows I have seen. But of course with Trek’s own unique spin on things. I chat while I watch the entire episode – which I hope you enjoy. It was nice to see this one again. Oh, a little bit of trivia on Ms. Madsen. On IMDB it says: In an interview, she admitted that she was sobbing so hard at the end of Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan (1982) when Spock died, that she had to go home as soon as the movie was over. So I think she must be a bit of a Trek fan. How cool is that?!

I don’t review a specific collectible this week, but there does seem to be a lot of Trek merchandise on the way in the coming months. Click this link HERE to learn more about all the goodies we will be seeing in stores and online soon. Next week’s podcast will hopefully be a special interview with a pair of Australian students who have put together some very beautiful “Star Trek” oriented photo galleries. Still working out the details but hopefully it will all come together. Until next time, take care!