Podcast # 673 – “Cogenitor” – 1803.04

This week it’s back to a classic style podcast with a look at the second season Enterprise episode called, “Cogenitor.”  First up, I give a brief spoiler free review of the new “Black Panther” film that is making a ton of money.  I also talk briefly about “The Shape of Water” movie that I finally saw and my very uninformed Oscar predictions.  I talk a bit more about other recent geeky news and then it’s on to the main topic.

The second season “Cogenitor” episode of Trek seems very timely these days and is a strong episode.  It features the crew meeting up with an alien species that has a third gender and deals with how that gender is treated.  It’s an episode that features Trip quite a bit and is definitely a highlight from season two of the series.  I plan the episode and comment during it for you to listen to.

That about wraps up the show for this week.  You can support the podcast over on PATREON HERE.  Next week will be a guest cast with Mark looking once again at the cult classic “This Island Earth.”  Until next time take care and enjoy your week.


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