Podcast # 192 – “Stargate”

Well, this weekend I have another special podcast for you.  This time I cover the “Stargate” series and movies.  A little break from Trek and a look at another successful Sci-Fi franchise.  A special thanks to Rob, Bart, & Ian for your recent donations to the podcast.  Very much appreciated guys!

I do start off the podcast this week with couple quick bits of Trek news.  A bit more from Kevin Smith and his thoughts about the rough cut of the new “Star Trek” movie he saw awhile back.  He is still saying great things about it.  Also, William “Kirk” Shatner has started up another new web video series and he clears the air about why he isn’t in the new movie.  Click HERE to see what “the Shat” has to say to JJ Abrams about this topic.  Hopefully this finally settles this whole thing once and for all.

Then it’s on to my look at “Stargate.” I’ve followed the series since it started on the Showtime channel and up through the current spin-off series, “Stargate: Atlantis.” This is a wonderful set of shows that began a few years after the first “Stargate” movie came out.  While the characters are mainly still there, there are definitely differences between the film and TV show.  The series has allowed them to create a very rich and diverse universe of cultures, aliens and enemies.  I especially love the humor they are able to bring out on these shows too.  Great music and special effects make them a treat to watch as well.  I play a few clips and talk about each series.  Later in the podcast, Paul from Portland joins me and we discuss some of our favorite characters and moments from the series.  Paul mentions a couple of “Stargate” podcasts too you might want to check out.  One is called “The 5th Race” and the other is the “Gateworld” podcast.  Check iTunes to subscribe if you are interested.  There is also a web site doing new “Stargate” audio dramas using some of the original actors from the shows.  Check this out at Bigfinish.com.  We also have another great song to play this week which combines the talents of Rick Moyer and Rob from Orlando on the forum.  Thanks much guys for this great piece of “Stargate” inspired music!

Big thanks to Paul for joining me and helping out with today’s cast.  I think that’s all for this time out folks.  Tune in next week when I will be looking at the pilot episode to the Next Generation, “Encounter at Farpoint.”  Take care until then.