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Trek Barbecue!

Some very cool pictures have surfaced featuring a day someone brought a barbecue to the set of the original “Star Trek” TV series.  Here you can see the main three stars (William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, and DeForest Kelley) sharing a burger and some laughs it seems.  This reminds me so much of the scene in the “Star Trek V” film it’s uncanny.  Even the places they are sitting in relation to each other.  I wonder if this moment inspired Shatner to put the cook out scene in the fifth Trek movie?  We probably will never know.  Click the big photo above to get the the link to see more.

Podcast # 162 – “The Man Trap”

On the cast this weekend I take a look at the first episode of “Star Trek” ever to be shown on TV.
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We have another packed podcast this weekend. I’m really happy with all the great contributions from listeners lately. Keep them coming everyone. Remember, just a quick voice mail is fine or record your own movie or book review and send it on to the show. Again, the voice mail number is: 206-666-6127 and the email for the show is: We have a great audio bit at the very start of this week’s show from Doc over at the Heroes of Science Fiction & Fantasy Podcast. He got an audio snippet from “Wonder Con” from Bobby Clark who played the original Gorn in the TOS episode, “Arena.” Thanks much for that Doc. You can find Doc’s web site and podcast HERE. I pass along some great news for TOS fans also on this show. CBS has started to stream all three seasons of the original series online for free. This is very cool news for those wishing to catch up original series Trek. Check them all out HERE. I also linked them up on the main Treks in Sci-Fi web page (which you should take a look at soon as I have updated the page quite a bit recently).  Rob from Orlando sends in a cool music segment featuring the Interstellar Suite of music performed by Amin Bhatia.  Learn all about it HERE.  I have started a new little side project called the “Star Trek Daily Pic.” This is just a simple WordPress blog where I am posting up a new “Star Trek” picture each day HERE. I think this will be a lot of fun. If you have a cool picture you want to submit to be put up in the blog send to this email: I also update folks on the Trek movie. It seems it wasn’t JJ Abrams idea to move the movie to May of 2009. But he said recently he is happy about the move and feels it shows the studio has a lot of faith in the movie. And we bring folks up to date on the Forum RPG. Lots of action and crazy stuff happening there lately. Then it’s on to this week’s Trek episode commentary.

I start off talking about how rough a start “Star Trek” had when it first began back in 1966. It was actually in danger of being canceled within a few months of season one. I share some of what went into saving the show the first time. Then on to “The Man Trap” discussion. Even though this wasn’t the first episode filmed for the series it was the one the studio decided to air first. And it is interesting because it’s a very un-Trek like episode. The main story is about this alien “salt vampire” creature and it involves it’s ability to look like others. This creates many interesting moments in the episode, especially for DeForest Kelley playing McCoy. This episode has several different things that are not typical for a Trek episode. Kirk’s voiceover’s or log entries reveal more than the character knows and were meant to lead the viewer along I think. This episode also features the crew hunting down an alien and determined to eliminate it rather than try and reason and communicate with it. Again, very un-Trek like. But still, we get to see some unique moments like Sulu the botanist and Uhura and Spock chatting on the bridge about love. It’s an interesting episode but very unlike most other Trek episodes we see in the subsequent seasons.

I wrap up this week’s show with a quick look at a new collectible. It’s another Master Replicas lightsaber. This time it’s an alternate version of Luke’s saber from “Return of the Jedi.” I give some background on the piece and insight as to why there are two versions of this saber. Master Replicas again did a great job with this item and I bought the signature edition signed by Mark Hamill. I really love the paint application and detail on this saber. A really terrific item and one I’m glad to own now that MR is no longer making “Star Wars” items since they don’t have the license from Lucasfilm for 2008. You can click on the photo to the left to see more views of this piece in my gallery. As always, I hope everyone enjoyed this week’s show. Make sure to tune in next weekend at 1 pm EST on Sunday, March 2nd. at the web site for a special live web cam show streaming for all of you. I will be covering the two-part Voyager set of episodes from season four called “Year of Hell.” Please join me for this special event. It will be a lot of fun and we may even have a contest or two. Take care until then!

Interview with author Kristine M. Smith for show #79

I had a chance to interview author Kristine M. Smith for midweek show #79
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A special interview show that I recorded last Saturday (Oct. 7th) with author Kristine M. Smith. She has written a great book about De Forest Kelley. The book is called:  DeForest Kelley: A Harvest of Memories.  Kris had many great experiences and memories of De to relate to me during our hour long interview. It was great to hear more about our beloved Dr. McCoy from someone that really knew the actor that played the role.

She and I discuss De and Star Trek and many other things during the interview. It was great to her how warm and welcoming De and his wife Carolyn were to Kris and all the interesting times they had together. We had a fun time chatting and I think everyone will want to rush out and get her book after listening to the show. See the various links below to learn more about Kris and where to find her book.

Buy Kristine’s book HERE

Kristine’s PlanetXpo 40th Anniversary Entry HERE