About TSF

Back in 2005 when the TV series “Star Trek: Enterprise” ended I was bothered that the Sci-Fi franchise I had watched and loved for so many years would fade away.  At the same time I was starting to listen to this new audio format called podcasts.  It was great to hear just “normal people” talk about the things they loved, news of the day, and lots of different topics.  So, I decided to start up a podcast of my own called “Treks in Sci-Fi” and got it up on iTunes too.  In the early days the podcast mainly focused on “Star Trek” and all the spin-off series, movies, collectibles, and so forth.  But I quickly started to do podcasts on all kinds of Sci-Fi and fantasy subjects.  From classic films like “Forbidden Planet” to recent favorite TV series like “Legend of the Seeker” & “The Big Bang Theory” as well as the “Star Wars” franchise too.  And we also cover a lot of Trek episodes from all the series too.  Each weekend I (or a guest host) cover some new subject for all of you to listen to.  So, I hope you will join us and listen and also consider joining our very fun and active forum group.  Thanks for stopping by and I’ll see you around the galaxy!  – Rico