Podcast # 646 – “The Darkness and the Light” – 1708.13

This week it’s a classic style podcast with a Trek episode and a collectible review.  I start off talking about some recent movies and TV I have been watching – like the very good “Atomic Blonde” movie and also a little on “The Dark Tower” movie too.  I cover some of the TV watching I’m doing like “Game of Thrones” and then it’s on to the Trek episode.

This week I cover a fifth season DS9 episode called “The Darkness and the Light.”  This is a Kira focused episode mainly about someone from her past killing off friends of her that were in the resistance together.  It’s an interesting story and told well.  It touches on what one sometimes does in war times and the consequences of the actions you might take during that time.  I like this one a lot.

I finish up the podcast giving a brief review of a recent collectible review.  It’s the Hasbro made Thor hammer collectible in the Marvel Legends line.  It’s a cool prop and has some special features too.  I’m slowly getting several cool Avenger type props to add to my collection.  You can find this HERE on Amazon if you are interested.

Feel free to donate to the podcast via Patreon HERE and next week there will be a guest podcast with Jedi Jeff covering ships once again.  I’ll be back in two weeks and until then take care and enjoy the summer weather!

Podcast # 645 – “A Final Unity” – 1708.06

This week I have a special guest show for everyone.  It’s by my good friend Joe Mastroianni of the Upper Memory Block Podcast (or UMB Cast).  A few months ago he covered one of the best “Star Trek” games ever made.  The classic TNG game, “A Final Unity.”  I played this game back in the day and really enjoyed it.  Joe first released this show to celebrate his 100th UMB Cast.  Congrats on that and if you like this podcast make sure to go subscribe to Joe’s show and check him out on Patreon too right HERE.  Thanks Joe for the guest spot to use on TSF.

Next week I will be back with a look at the 5th season DS9 episode called, “The Darkness and the Light.”  You can support the TSF Podcast HERE on Patreon too.  Until next time take and enjoy your week.

Podcast # 644 – “Star Trek: The Animated Series” – 1707.30

This week I’m back doing a podcast after being gone for a few weeks.  I talk about the new “Valerian” film, all the stuff that we saw at San Diego Comic Con online last weekend, and the main topic talking about the Animated Trek series.  I cover some recent other films I’ve seen and give my comments on the trailers, the “Star Trek: Discovery” news and other things we learned from last weekend’s Comic Con.  Then it’s on to the main topic.

The animated Trek series holds a special place for me as it was really the first “new” Trek I saw back in the day when it was airing after watching TOS reruns for a few years.  This was the first taste of new Trek and it had just about all the talent, actors, writers, and so on that the original series had going for it.  There are some real gems in the short 22 episode, two season run.  I give some background and talk about some of the behind the scenes stuff along with playing some audio clips too.  I hope you enjoy this look back at this important piece of Trek history.

That’s about it for this week.  Next week there will be a guest cast for you and until next time take care and enjoy your week.


Podcast # 643 – “Krull” – 1707.23

Resting up from my week in Germany so this week guest host Mark covers one of my favorite 80’s fantasy films.  That is “Krull” from 1983.  I’ve talked about this movie a few times and Mark gives us his thoughts and plays some clips and music from this classic film.  Here are some words from Mark on this week’s show.

Hello Everybody!
This is Mark Daniels from the Great Pacific Northwest.  I’m back this week with a classic science fantasy movie.  It’s the cult classic “Krull” from 1983!  It stars Ken Marshall, Lysette Anthony, David Battley and Freddie Jones.  If you liked Excalibur and Star Wars, you are going to love this movie.  It’s one of my guilty pleasures.  I hope you all enjoy it!
Thank you Rico for letting me cover this classic science fantasy movie!
I’ll be back soon with another classic science fiction movie.
Until then, Everyone take care…
This is M-5 signing off…
Big thanks to Mark for covering this one.  I’ll be back next weekend with a look at the “Star Trek” animated series and my thoughts on all the cool stuff we are seeing from San Diego Comic Con this weekend.  Enjoy your week.


Podcast # 642 – Robots & Androids on TV – 1707.09

This week I cover a special topic.  I decided to do a whole show on robots, androids and synthetic humans as seen on TV.  This is a big and popular subject in Sci-Fi and one I’ve wanted to cover for some time.  I first give you my spoiler-free review of the new “Spider-Man: Homecoming” film that just opened in theaters last Friday.  Of course I enjoyed it a lot.  I talk a little about my recent TV watching then it’s on to the main subject.

I’ve always loved the idea of having a robot or android to hand out with and it’s been shown in Sci-Fi TV shows for a long time.  I try to give you a broad overview of the topic and talk about some specific examples and the also the whole idea of synthetic humans and what that could mean.  It’s a fascinating topic to discuss and I hope you get a kick out of what I have to say on the matter.  I really enjoyed doing this show.

Next week I’m heading to Europe so there won’t be a new show next weekend.  There will be a guest cast on July 23 and I will return on July 30th with a brand new show.  Feel free to donate to the podcast via Patreon HERE and take care until next time and enjoy your summer.

Podcast # 641 – Spider-Man – 1707.02

A mini, shorter than normal podcast this week where I briefly cover and talk about my favorite comic book super hero, Spider-Man.  I talk briefly about his origins, the reasons I love this character and why I have read his comics for decades.  I also talk quickly about his on-screen appearances and my excitement for the new film, “Spider-Man: Homecoming” that is due out later this week.  Hope you enjoy this show and Happy 4th of July to all my fellow Americans.  I will be back next week with another, more typical show for all of you.  Feel free to support the podcast over at Patreon right HERE.  Thanks and enjoy your week.

Podcast # 640 – Summer Skype Chat – 1706.25

This week it’s out annual Summer Skype chat about summer movies.  I’m joined by Rick Peete, Angela, Bryan, and Rick Moyer for a great discussion on several of the cool summer films we have seen so far.  We also get into talking about some recent “Star Wars” news and also a bit about our hopes for “Star Trek: Discovery.”  So buckle up – because there was some alcohol involved in the recording of this one folks!  Big thanks to my friends who had time to join me this week – you all rock!

Next week will be a guest cast.  Until next time, take care and enjoy your week ahead!

Podcast # 639 – “Rocketship X-M” – 1706.18

This week we have another look at a classic Sci-Fi film for all of you.  Mark returns with a look and review of the classic “Rocketship X-M” from 1950.  Here are some words from Mark on this classic movie.

Happy Father’s Day Everybody!
This is Mark Daniels from the Great Pacific Northwest.  I’m back this week with another blast form the past.  This week’s movie is the first post WWII science fiction movie to be made in Hollywood.  It’s “Rocketship X-M!”  It stars Lloyd Bridges and Osa Massen.  This is the movie that started the 1950’s science fiction genre.  It’s a solid sci-fi B-movie.  I hope you all enjoy it!
Thank you Rico for letting me cover another classic science fiction movie!
I’ll be back soon with another classic science fiction movie.
Until then…
Everyone take care…
This is M-5 signing off…
Thanks again Mark for doing another cool guest show.  If you want to support the podcast go to Patreon HERE and sign up.  I’ll be back next weekend with a group Skype chat about summer movies and other topics.  Until next time take care and enjoy your week.