Vidcast # 552 – Wizard World Chicago Comic Con – 1508.30

Last weekend I went to the Wizard World Chicago 2015 Comic Con.  I was there with my older son Stephen and his fiancee Marcee.  We were just there on Saturday and had a great time.  I also got to meet up with my friend Rick Peete again and his son Ryan who I got to know several years ago when I was working in the Rockford, Illinois area for about a year.  The con was good, we got to see several celebrities talk and I took a fair amount of pics and video (as you will see below).  No costumes for me this time – maybe next year if I can talk the kids into it.  Anyway enjoy the vidcast below.  Also, please visit my Patreon fund raising site to help support the podcast, hosting fees and so forth.  Next weekend will be my big, 10th Anniversary LIVE vidcast via Ustream right HERE.  The show will start at 2pm Eastern Daylight Time on Sunday, September 6th (with a little pre-show fun starting around 1:30pm or so).  There will be music, video clips, contests, prizes, cake, and maybe a little Rico dancing too (oh, the horror).  I hope many of you will tune in and watch the celebration.  In the meantime, enjoy the vidcast below and have a great week!

Vidcast # 551 – Diamond Select Trek Ships – 1508.16

This week we have a guest vidcast (put up on Vimeo) by Jedi Jeff on the line of Diamond Select “Star Trek” ships that he collects.  Jeff is a big collector like me and I’m super happy with him covering this line of collectibles as I only have a couple of the ships.  Jeff gives you a good look at all the ships, tells you what he likes and also some of the issues with some of the ships too.  It’s a really fun show and I’m super excited for everyone to see this one.  Big thanks to Jedi Jeff for taking all the time it took to put this one together.

Next week I will be back with a vidcast from the Chicago Wizard World Convention that I will be attending next weekend.  The show will be a little late coming out – probably Monday or Tuesday instead of the usual Sunday.  Until then take care and enjoy your week.

Podcast # 550 – Comics – 1508.09

This week on the podcast I tackle the huge world of comic books.  I’ve read and loved comics a long time and wanted to do a show dedicated to the medium.  I start off by giving a spoiler-free review of the new “Fantastic Four” movie (not nearly as bad as some people are saying).  I talk about the film in some depth and how I feel about reviews in general (both good and bad).  Then I dive into comics.

I start off describing how I first got into comics and my early days reading a lot of Marvel comics and then later other publishers.  I love comics and love the characters and stories in them.  I talk about what I’m reading these days and what I have been enjoying.  Toward the end of the cast I cover some classic comics everyone should check out and give some suggestions for you to read.  Very much enjoyed doing this show on comics today.

Next weekend Jedi Jeff will be here with a guest vidcast on his collection of Trek ships.  I will return in about two weeks with a vidcast on Wizard World Chicago.  Also, please check out my Patreon fund raising page HERE and donate what you can to help support the podcast.  Thanks for listening and enjoy your week.

Enjoy this clip below too – very appropriate for the show this week.

YouTube Preview Image

Podcast # 549 – “Willow” – 1508.02

This week we have a special guest podcast for everyone to enjoy.  Kenny & Chris take over teh show for a little Trek in Fantasy with a look at the very cool & classic film “Willow” from 1988.  I really like this film too and the guys cover it well and share their thoughts and opinions about this dive into fantasy for George Lucas.  Big thanks to them for doing this special show this week.  I will be back next weekend with a round up of the current comics I am reading as well as a look at some classic books you might want to check out too.  Until then take care and enjoy the week ahead.

Podcast # 548 – “Imperfection” – 1507.26

This week a classic style podcast covering some recent geek stuff and a Voyager episode.  I start off with a brief, spoiler-free review of the new “Ant-Man” movie – now out in theaters everywhere.  This is a fun movie much like the “Guardians of the Galaxy” film was last summer.  A very likable and capable cast along with a good story, cool action and a lot of heart.  Go check this one out when you can.  I talk a bit about the recent start of filming for the next Trek film along with a contest to win a walk-on role.  Learn more about that HERE.  I talk a bit about summer TV and then it’s on to the Trek episode.

The Voyager episode “Imperfection” focuses on Seven of Nine and a failure of her Borg implants that is threatening her life.  It’s a solid story and invloves a good portion of the cast – especially Icheb who tries to help Seven survive this problem.  I like this one quite a bit and I comment while playing the audio for all of you to listen along with me.  That about wraps up this week’s podcast.  Next weekend should be a guest spot that is still to be determined.  Until next time, enjoy your week and take care out there.

Podcast # 547 – SD Comic Con Recap – 1507.19

This week I talk a bit about my recent trip to Germany – which was awesome!   And for the main topic I do a little recap of all the cool news, info and trailers we got from this year’s San Diego Comic Con.  It really seemed like a monster year for movie news, clips, previews, and all kinds of new info from the con this year.  I wish I had been there but I go over some of the big highlights and share my thoughts on the podcast this week.  I’m super excited by all that was revealed – including all the TV news & info too.  I cover things like all the comic book related news and the upcoming film, “The Force Awakens.”  So enjoy this look at all the cool stuff we will be watching over the coming year or so.

Next week I will be back with a look at the Voyager episode, “Imperfection” and some other stuff too.  Until then take care enjoy your week ahead.

Podcast # 546 – TREK TECH – 1507.05

This week on the podcast I talk all about technology that was inspired and created based on things originally seen in “Star Trek.”  From communicators, to phasers – a ton of tech was influenced by “Star Trek.”  I first talk about some recent films – like “Terminator Genisys” along with some recent TV shows I’ve been watching too.  Lots to see this summer both at the movies and on the smaller screen.  Please also check out my Patreon pledge page and donate what you can monthly to support the podcast.  Just a couple dollars from each of you per month goes a very long way to help support the podcast.

The main topic this week is all about Trek Tech.  So many items have their roots in Trek – like cell phones, iPads, tricorders, medical beds, Skype and so forth all have examples in Trek that came years prior to their development.  I talk about uncredited designer Wah Ming Chang who designed some of the first props and devices seen on TOS and also created a style and look that is seen to this day in things we use.  I play some clips from Youtube about various pieces of Trek Tech that we use and love everyday.  It’s a fun topic and one I think about a lot since I love both Trek and Tech.

That’s about all for this week.  Next week there won’t be a new show since I will be traveling in Europe.  In two weeks there will be a special guest cast.  Until then take care and keep enjoying the summer!

Podcast # 545 – Summer Skype Chat – 1506.28

This week on the podcast it’s time for our annual Summer Skype chat.  I got together with Kenny, Rick Moyer, and Joe and talked about some of the summer movies out so far and what we thought of them.  We talk quite a bit about things like “Jurassic World” and “Avengers Age of Ultron” and other films too.  Some small spoilers during this cast as we give our views and talk about what other films we are looking forward to as well.  Also, a little bit of discussion on some of the summer TV series we have seen so far this year (some new- some returning).  Always fun to have my friends join in for another fun Skype call.  Enjoy the show everyone and big thanks to Kenny, Rick, and Joe for joining me this time.

Next week I will be here with a special podcast on “Trek Technology” and how it has influenced the gadgets we have these days.  Until then take care and enjoy your week ahead.  Also, Happy Independence Day to all my US listeners and friends.