Podcast # 523 – “Contact” – 1501.25

This week on the podcast guest host Dave covers the film & book, “Contact.”  This film from 1997 stars Jodie Foster and the book was written by Carl Sagan.  I really enjoyed both the book and film of “Contact” and glad Dave decided to cover this very solid Sci-Fi movie for all of us.  It’s a really good film and I hope this encourages more of you to check it out if you have never seen it.  I will be back next week covering the “Star Trek: Voyager” episode called “Time and Again” for all of you.  Big thanks to Dave for guest hosting this week and covering “Contact.”  Until next time, take care and enjoy the week ahead.

Podcast # 522 – “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” – 1501.18

This week my good friend Kenny and I finally begin our look at the Harry Potter book and film franchises.  We both are big fans (Kenny is a mega-fan of HP I would say) and we start with a look at the first book and movie.  We talk about the start of the franchise, the differences in the book versions and movies, and cover some of our favorite moments from the story.  We cover casting and the production of the movie and the various things that fell into place for this hugely successful film and book series.  I have to apologize that my audio is not very good in the show as I used a headset over Skype when we recorded and it’s a bit rough sounding.  Don’t worry, I won’t record using that next time when we get together soon to cover the second book & film.  But, for now I hope you enjoy this cast and a big thanks to Kenny for doing this with me and editing it all together.  Next weekend guest host Dave will be here with a look at the book & movie of “Contact” that I know you will all enjoy.  Take care until then and enjoy the week ahead.

Podcast # 521 – Year in Review – 1501.11

This week, guest host Rick Moyer is back with his annual “Year in Review” podcast where he looks back at the year on the TSF podcast and all the shows that came out.  I’m really happy with the mix of shows last year, guest casts, interviews, special vidcasts and everything that was covered.  I’m also very proud of everything that was put out and very thankful for all the guests during 2014 and hope to have just as much fun and variety in 2015 too.  I also hope a few more of you will jump in and do a guest spot sometime.  It’s fun and a great way to “get your feet wet” if you have never done a podcast before.  Big thanks to Rick Moyer for doing this cool recap show this week!  Next week we have a special surprise cast and one I have wanted to do for quite some time now.  So, be back for that and in the meantime enjoy your week ahead and stay safe out there.

Podcast # 520 – “Soldiers of the Empire” – 1501.04

For this first podcast of 2015 I cover a DS9 episode from season 5 called “Soldiers of the Empire” (which sounds more Star Wars than Star Trek).  I start out the show talking about my Christmas loot and fun times over the last couple of weeks.  I also talk a little about some recent movies and TV I’ve been watching.  And, later on I do a commentary on this week’s Trek episode from DS9.  It’s a solid episode, that’s mainly a Klingon tale focusing on Worf, Martok, and Jadzia on a Klingon ship and has some great moments in it and is very cool too.  It is also directed by Levar Burton and is a fun one to watch again.

I wrap up the podcast this time with a very quick review of a new item I got called “Federation: The First 150 Years.”  It’s mainly a book, but comes with a cool display pedestal too.  I play some of the audio from the collectible stand on the podcast to give you an idea of what it does.  You can find it HERE and order yourself one too.  Next week Rick Moyer will be here with a look back at 2014 for the podcast.  Until then, take care and enjoy your week back to the “real world” in whatever you do.


Podcast # 519 – Danny Elfman – 1412.28

As we all rest up between holidays, we can listen to Vartok’s latest musical podcast cover the wonderful music of Danny Elfman.  Here are some words from Vartok on this epic and comprehensive show he put together for us.

Vartok presents the Music of Danny Elfman covering his early Oingo Boingo band days through the very present with his most current work.  Danny has had a remarkable working life spanning really two complete careers, one as the lead singer and band leader for the Southern California band Oingo Boingo for 19 years and then as a Hollywood composer of film soundtracks for 32+ years.  What is probably most amazing is that he was a high school drop out who taught himself how to read and write music.  He as 75+ soundtrack credits to his name and is still going strong today.  Perhaps you will be surprised at all of the work you are familiar with.  Enjoy.

Big thanks as always to Vartok for this epic cast!  I will be back next weekend with the first show of 2015 looking at a DS9 episode called, “Soldiers of the Empire.”  Until then stay safe, enjoy the week ahead and HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!

Podcast # 518 – Secret Trekmas – 1412.21

This week we have our annual Trekmas Vidcast including our Secret Santa gift exchange.  A small, but tight-knit group this year exchanged some very cool stuff and they share it here for all of you to see.  I want to thank all of this year’s Secret Santa ex-changers from the forum including:  Bryan, Mark, Chris, Pete, Rick, and me too.  It was cool to see what everyone got for each other this time out.  You guys did great!  Find Rick Moyer’s Trekmas music right HERE too.  So, a big Merry Christmas and a Merry Trekmas to all of you.  Next week Vartok will be here with a look at the music of Danny Elfman.  Take care, stay healthy and enjoy your holidays everyone!  Oh, and watch the video below too or go HERE to see it too!

Podcast # 517 – Elder Scroll Games – 1412.14

This week, we have a couple of our gaming guru’s back for a look at the long running “Elder Scrolls” game series.  Chris and Jen are back taking us through this cool series and share their thoughts on these great games.  I’m still trying to find the time to play more “Skyrim” but in the meantime we can all listen to Chris & Jen talk about their experiences as they played these awesome games.  Big thanks to them for doing another guest podcast – especially at this busy time of year.  I will be back next weekend with our annual “Trek-Mas” vidcast as we open the Secret Santa gifts and play some holiday favorite songs for everyone.  Until then take care, and enjoy the holiday shopping!

Podcast # 516 – “Demons” – 1412.07

This week I did a classic style podcast covering the 4th season Enterprise episode called, “Demons” with a full commentary.  I start off the cast talking about my trip last week out to California and getting to meet Kenny for the very first time (see pic below).  We had a blast going out to Vasquez rocks (check this link out HERE), seeing the Endeavour Space Shuttle and doing all kinds of fun things around LA.  It really was a wonderful time and a big thanks to Kenny for showing me the sights in California.  I talk a little about the recent “Star Wars” Episode 7 teaser trailer and a few other geeky topics too (like the new Trek fan film called “Mind-Sifter” you can watch right HERE).  I’m really excited for what is coming in 2015 and can’t wait!

I move on to the episode “Demons” from Enterprise that was late in the last season of the show.  This is the first part of a two-parter and show us some of the intolerance some humans have for all the aliens living on Earth in this time.  It’s an interesting episode and kind of fitting to watch again at this point in time due to some of the current immigration things going on in this country.  That wraps up the show for this week and next weekend Chris & Jen will be here to talk about the Elder Scrolls series of games.  Take care until then and enjoy the week ahead everyone!