Podcast # 517 – Elder Scroll Games – 1412.14

This week, we have a couple of our gaming guru’s back for a look at the long running “Elder Scrolls” game series.  Chris and Jen are back taking us through this cool series and share their thoughts on these great games.  I’m still trying to find the time to play more “Skyrim” but in the meantime we can all listen to Chris & Jen talk about their experiences as they played these awesome games.  Big thanks to them for doing another guest podcast – especially at this busy time of year.  I will be back next weekend with our annual “Trek-Mas” vidcast as we open the Secret Santa gifts and play some holiday favorite songs for everyone.  Until then take care, and enjoy the holiday shopping!

Podcast # 516 – “Demons” – 1412.07

This week I did a classic style podcast covering the 4th season Enterprise episode called, “Demons” with a full commentary.  I start off the cast talking about my trip last week out to California and getting to meet Kenny for the very first time (see pic below).  We had a blast going out to Vasquez rocks (check this link out HERE), seeing the Endeavour Space Shuttle and doing all kinds of fun things around LA.  It really was a wonderful time and a big thanks to Kenny for showing me the sights in California.  I talk a little about the recent “Star Wars” Episode 7 teaser trailer and a few other geeky topics too (like the new Trek fan film called “Mind-Sifter” you can watch right HERE).  I’m really excited for what is coming in 2015 and can’t wait!

I move on to the episode “Demons” from Enterprise that was late in the last season of the show.  This is the first part of a two-parter and show us some of the intolerance some humans have for all the aliens living on Earth in this time.  It’s an interesting episode and kind of fitting to watch again at this point in time due to some of the current immigration things going on in this country.  That wraps up the show for this week and next weekend Chris & Jen will be here to talk about the Elder Scrolls series of games.  Take care until then and enjoy the week ahead everyone!

Podcast # 515 – “The War of the Worlds” – 1411.30

This week our classic Sci-Fi film guy Mark is back with a true gem of a film – the 1953 version of “The War of the Worlds.”  This is an awesome film and everyone should give it a look if you have never seen it.  Here are some words from the man himself about this classic movie.

It’s Mark Daniels from the Great Pacific Northwest.   I hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving!  I’m back this week with another classic science fiction movie.  This time I take a look at one of the best science fiction movie of the 1950’s.  It’s one of the first alien invasion movies.  It’s The War of the Worlds; starring Gene Barry, Ann Robinson and Les Tremayne.  This is a great movie!  If you haven’t seen it, shame on you.  You are missing out on a classic.
Enjoy the week ahead
This is M-5 signing off…….
Thanks again Mark for another cool podcast.  Next week I will be back with a look at the Enterprise episode, “Demons.”  Until then, take care and enjoy your week ahead.

Podcast # 514 – Conventions – 1411.23

This week on the podcast it’s another great Skype chat as we talk all about Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Comic Conventions.  I got together with my good friends:  Jen, Angela, Kenny, Chris, and Rick last night to talk all about the fun and things involved with attending a modern geeky convention.  We talk about the good and the bad, but we still all really love attending these geek fests of all things nerdy and geeky.  There’s costuming, photos, autographs, talks, merchandise, lots of walking, and everything to make a geeky weekend truly a great memory.  I hope you enjoy this Skype chat as much as I did recording it.  We get a little goofy and silly at times, but I think everyone will get a kick out of this one.  I really want to thank everyone for joining in on this call (such a great team on this one of both experienced con attendees and also of very experienced podcasters too).  Thanks y’all!

Next weekend Mark will be here to cover the classic film, “War of the Worlds” from 1953.  Until then, a big Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends in the United States.  Take care and enjoy your week ahead.  Bye for now!

Podcast # 513 – “Red Shirt Diaries” – 1411.16

This week I have a special show for everyone. Earlier this past week I chatted over Skype with the creators & stars of the hit web series called the “Red Shirt Diaries.”  I spoke with Ashley Victoria Robinson (Ensign Williams) and Jason Inman (many other voices, etc.) about their season one episodes and their plans for season two. For those that don’t know, this is a comedic look at the original “Star Trek” series episodes from the point of view of a red shirt Ensign aboard the Enterprise. They did ten season one episodes on a shoestring budget and are currently running a campaign on Indiegogo to raise funds for their big plans for season two with new sets, costumes, locations, and many other cool new additions to the series. Both Ashley & Jason were great fun to talk to and I hope this podcast will help bring them some new donations for their very fun web series. Check out the videos below and go HERE to help them fund their next season. Big thanks to them for taking the time to speak to me and I wish them all the luck in their future work. Next week on the podcast it will be another Skype chat talking about some fun convention stories we have all had. Until then enjoy your week ahead and stay safe.


Podcast # 512 – “True Q” – 1411.09

This week I cover the 6th season TNG episode called “True Q.”  I first talk about my recent trip out to Las Vegas for work and how nice the weather was out there.  Then I do a short, spoiler-free review about the new film, “Interstellar” (which I really enjoyed a lot).  And I talk a little about the title for SW: Ep. 7, “The Force Awakens.”  Make sure to donate to the “Red Shirt Diaries” campaign to get funding for a season two and I will be interviewing the team soon too.  Then it’s on to the main subject for this week.

The episode “True Q” I think is well done and it once again brings Q and a new Q into the TNG universe.  Young Amanda (played by Olivia d’Abo) is just finding out she is a Q and learning about what to do with her new powers.  It’s a cool episode and it’s always good fun to see Q back in an episode.  I comment on the episode while I play it for all of you.  Hope you enjoying hearing this one again.

That’s it for this time.  I will actually be here again next week with an interview show with the “Red Shirt Diaries” folks.  Until then, take care and enjoy the week ahead everyone!

Podcast # 511 – Aurora Repeat – 1411.02

This week is a repeat of podcast # 36 from back in 2006. It’s the show where I introduced the crew of the Aurora and played the first audio Trek drama I recorded way back in the day. Growing up watching the original “Star Trek” in reruns made me and my friends create our own ship and crew. We recorded a total of six audio dramas on cassette tapes way back in the old days before good quality CD audio, before computers, before the internet, and so on. It was a lot of fun! The audio quality of these productions is not great but I think you can tell what the story is about and who is who on the crew. I will list below links to all six of these old podcasts that contain the whole run of Aurora audio dramas if you want to go back and listen to them. We did improve as time went on in audio quality and other aspects of doing these shows. I hope you enjoy this retro repeat show this week. I will be back next weekend with a look at the TNG episode, “True Q.” Take care until then and enjoy the week ahead.

Podcast Links to the old shows:

Podcast # 36:  Aurora Episode #1

Podcast # 38:  Aurora Episode #2

Podcast # 41:  Aurora Episode #3

Podcast # 47:  Aurora Episode #4

Podcast # 49:  Aurora Episode #5

Podcast # 51:  Aurora Episode #6


Podcast # 510 – “House on Haunted Hill” – 1410.26

This week for our annual Halloween podcast I look at the 1959 film, “House on Haunted Hill” starring Vincent Price. This is a terrific, classic horror film from the era of great suspenseful movies of this type. I start off the podcast talking a little bit more about Austin Comic Con 2014. Make sure to check out the videos I have been posting up over on my Vimeo video page HERE. The con was a ton of fun and I hope everyone enjoys the videos and pictures we have been posting up. I talk a bit about Trek and some recent fan film stuff going on there. Check Trekmovie.com for all your latest Trek news. Then it’s on to this week’s movie review.

The film “House on Haunted Hill” is a true classic that everyone should see. The Vincent Price character invites a group of guests to stay in a haunted house for the night to earn $10,000 each if they stay. The movie has a ton of atmosphere and chills, some great music and a great cast. Check this cult classic out sometime on Netflix or other means of viewing. A great movie to watch at this time of year.

That wraps up the show for this week. Take care until next time and have a great Halloween!