Podcast # 483 – “Invaders from Mars” – 1404.13

This week, guest host Mark Daniels is back with another classic SF film.  This time out, Mark covers the 1953 scare-fest, “Invaders from Mars.”  This is an awesome film and Mark does his usual excellent job covering it.  Here are a few words from the man himself about his recent classic cast:

Hello Everybody!  This is Mark Daniels from the Great Pacific Northwest and I’m back with another classic science fiction movie.  This time it’s from 1953.  It’s “Invaders from Mars.”  This movie scared me to death when I was a kid.  I know Rico and some of us of a certain age will remember watching this movie as a kid.  I hope you all enjoy it.  I’ll join you all soon with another classic in science fiction. Take care everyone!
This is M-5 signing off….
Thanks Mark for another cool show.  Next week I will be back with guest Chris Clemente and we will be covering various genre favorites in the worlds of geekdom.  Take care until then and enjoy your week ahead.

Podcast # 482 – “The Clone Wars” – 1404.06

This week I finally got a chance to co-host with just Bryan Dunn as we talk all about the animated “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” TV series.  We start off the show talking about a few other subjects first before we hit the main topic.  I put a shout out for the excellent TREKCORE website and their current fund raiser campaign.  Feel free to donate what you can to this amazing website.  We talk about the great books by Marc Cushman (“These Are the Voyages,…”) that go into great depth and detail on the making of the original Trek series.  Learn more about them right HERE.  I talk a little about the very fun movie, “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” that I just saw yesterday and then it’s on to “Star Wars” talk.

Both Bryan and I are very big “Star Wars” fans from the very early days and both of us have really enjoyed the animated Clone Wars series.  We briefly run down the first 5 seasons and talk about some of the characters and stories that we liked and enjoyed.  We focus quite a bit on the recently released Season 6 (on Netflix) that brought us 13 more episodes or ‘Lost Missions’ of the Clone Wars saga.  Some small spoilers, but I think it’s nothing huge and we chat about the various story arcs during the final season.  Really a great series and it really fleshes out the story of this period of time in the Star Wars saga.  Hope you all enjoy this Jedi packed and lightsaber swinging discussion that Bryan and I have together.  Next week, guest host Mark will be here with another classic Sci-Fi film – this time “Invaders from Mars.”  Take care until then and enjoy your week ahead.

Podcast # 481 – “The Child” – 1403.30

This week, Rick & Amy Moyer are back guest hosting with a look at the TNG episode, “The Child.”  They cover other geeky topics, have some listener comments and much more as they do another great guest cast!  Here are some comments from them about their show for this week on TSF.

We start the show with some talk about the CW’s cool shows on right now including “Star Crossed”, “The 100″, “Arrow” and “Reign”  Then Amy and I take you on a journey with Captain Picard and the crew in the 2nd season of TNG’s first episode “The Child”  This is an episode of firsts with many things happening for the first time in this episode.  We review the episode and then play comments from Shawn and Brigitte Vanderloo, DataLogan and Jen Rhodes.  Enjoy the podcast and thanks again to Rico for letting us guest host!  

Thanks again Rick & Amy for your work on the show this week.  I will be back next weekend with a look at “Star Wars: The Clones Wars” with help from my buddy Bryan Dunn.  Take care until then and enjoy the week ahead everyone!

Podcast # 480 – “The Alternative Factor” – 1403.23

This week I cover a classic, first season episode of Trek with an episode titled, “The Alternative Factor.”  I start the show running down some recent genre stories.  I’ve been disappointed by the many canceled, genre TV shows I have been hearing about lately.  Series like “Intelligence” and “Being Human” are both leaving soon and I’ve enjoyed them a lot.  It’s especially hard when a new season one series gets cut down before it’s had much of a chance to catch on with people.  ”Almost Human” is also another series that might be not coming back and I would miss a lot.  But, on a positive note we are heading into Spring now and the genre movies are starting with “Divergent” and the new “Captain America” film due out soon.  I’m still amazed at all the comic book films we have been getting and how well they have been doing.  Really a great time to be a geek!

Then I move on to discussing this week’s Trek episode.  I play clips and discuss more of the behind the scenes factors involved in making this first season Trek episode.  How actor Robert Brown was brought in at the last minute and all the changes to the script and production that took place.  Much of this information comes from Marc Cushman’s book, “These Are The Voyages” which is an excellent look at season one of the making of the original “Star Trek.”  Well worth picking up and is a great reference.  This isn’t the best of Trek, but it is an interesting episode and it helps to know what some of the early scripts looked like and the changes that were made to this show.  I wrap up the podcast with a look ahead at upcoming shows.  Next week the Moyer’s will be here with a look at the TNG episode called “The Child.”  I will be back in two weeks and hope you enjoyed this week’s podcast.  Take care everyone.

Podcast # 479 – “Automan” & Street Hawk” – 1403.16

Meds guest hosts this week with a look at two genre series.  He covers both “Automan” (1983) and “Street Hawk” (1985) on today’s podcast.  A couple of cult series from the 80′s that many enjoyed watching.  I watched some of both of these series and especially have some find memories of the “Automan” series which had a very “Tron” type of look and vibe to it.  Here are a few words from Meds about this guest podcast.

On this weeks episode Meds presents a podcast on two classic short lived Sci Fi TV shows, “Automan” and “Street Hawk.”  The trailer played at the beginning of the podcast is for the film  ”Noah”, starring Russel Crowe, Jennifer Connelly and Anthony Hopkins. The end audio segment is from a future TSF episode Meds hopes to do. 

I want to thank Meds for another great guest spot and hopes he returns again with another cast in the near future.  I will be back next weekend with a look at a classic, TOS episode called “The Alternative Factor.”  Until then take and care and enjoy the week ahead.

Podcast # 478 – Geek Grab Bag – 1403.09

This week it’s my first podcast after my China trip.  I spend some time sharing my thoughts on the trip and some of the cool experiences.  One of those was getting to know a colleague better and finding out he is a huge geek and fan of “Star Trek” and other Sci-Fi stuff too!  We found out we have a lot in common and very similar ideas about various things.  I also talk some about the geek TV and movies going on currently and how I saw the new “Robocop” movie in China which was a fun experience too.  Lots of stories to share and pictures too (see links below).  I end the show giving an update on upcoming podcasts.  I hope everyone enjoys this more casual show this week.  Meds will be guesting next weekend with a look at the older series “Automan” and “Streethawk.”  I will be back in two weeks with a look at the TOS episode, “The Alternative Factor.”  Until then take care and enjoy your week.

Check out the links for pics/video:





Podcast # 477 – Larry Nemecek – Part 2 – 1402.21

The podcast is a bit early this week as I prep to go to China but we still have a great show for you.  I got a chance to chat once again with Trek expert, author, actor, and all around cool guy – Larry Nemecek.  I first spoke with Larry back in 2012 on show # 374 about his “Con of Wrath” project and we finally had a chance to catch up last weekend on Skype.  Larry is very busy these days.  He’s recently appeared on the excellent “Star Trek” fan film series, “Star Trek: Continues” where he has played Doctor McCoy.  We talk about their latest episode “Lolani” and get a little insight into what putting together episodes like this takes to do.  Then we move on to talk about his latest book project, the very cool “Stellar Cartography” book of Trek maps (see picture below).  This is an excellent reference and update to some previous Trek map projects that is full of great info, in a beautiful package too – really an excellent book (read my Amazon.com review HERE)!  It was great fun to talk with Larry again and I’m sure we will do it again in the future.  Check out some of what Larry is up to at the links below.  I will be away next week so there won’t be a podcast.  I will return on March 9th with what I’m calling, the “Geek Grab Bag Show” with a catch up show on news and a bit on my trip to China.  Until then, take care and enjoy each day.

Trekland – Larry’s Blog

Larry on Facebook

Stellar Cartography

Geek Nation Tours

Podcast # 476 – “Conan the Destroyer” – 1402.16

This week, the Conan brothers (Rico & Chris) are back with their look and commentary on the 1984 film, “Conan the Destroyer.”  While this film is not as epic or classic as the original “Conan the Barbarian” movie, it still has a lot of action, violence, a hot princess, and lots of fun – plus crazy Grace Jones and Wilt Chamberlain too!  It’s a kind of a wild movie and quite a bit different from the first, very serious Conan film.  Both Chris and I watch it over Netflix and provide hopefully a fun commentary track to listen to while viewing the movie.  Lots of bad Arnold impressions abound in this one (mine are bad, Chris does a much better Arnold than I can do).  Anyway, enjoy this podcast and laugh some with us too.

Next week, the podcast will be out early (probably on Friday) as I’m heading to China for work.  I’m doing another interview with Larry Nemecek about what he has been up to lately.  The following week will probably be no new cast released, but I will be back with a brand new show after my trip on March 9th.  Until then, take care and enjoy the weeks ahead.