Podcast # 501 – “Them!” – 1408.24

This week the podcast is back with guest host Mark Daniels covering another Sci-Fi classic film from the past.  This time out he looks at the gem from 1954 called “Them!”  Mark says this is the first big bug monster movie and classic Sci-Fi at it’s best.  I have to agree.  I saw this film many times growing up and I always loved watching it.  So, sit back and enjoy Mark’s retro film review of this blast from the past.  I will be back next week with our annual Live Anniversary cast via Ustream.  It’s going to be on Sunday, August 31st at 2pm Eastern Daylight Time.  More details to follow soon but I’m looking forward to the show – and the dancing!  Take care until then and enjoy your week ahead.

Podcast #500 – THE MEGACAST

Yes, it’s finally here.  I’ve made it to podcast #500.  After almost 9 full years of weekly podcasts I have arrived at this epic milestone.  It’s really hard to believe back when I started this show in 2005 that I would still be doing it today.  At that time, “Star Trek: Enterprise” had just been canceled and there was no new Trek or new “Star Wars” on the horizon.  TV and movies in the genre were not that great and we were years away from many of the huge franchise we enjoy today, such as those from Marvel Comics and other sources.  My hope was to keep the dream alive of good, geeky entertainment and especially keep the hope for new Star Trek alive too.  Now the geeks truly are in charge of Hollywood.  We’ve had two great Trek films, more Star Wars (Clone Wars and Ep. 7 is coming) and a ton of other great movies and TV to love and enjoy in our favorite genre.  So, for this special podcast (or vidcast) I asked all of you what Sci-Fi or fantasy universe you might like to live in.  I really enjoyed your choices and selections.  It’s actually a bit of a hard choice since many of these places we enjoy watching are probably not that great to live in.  In any case, sit back and enjoy the cast I put together for all of you.  HUGE thanks to those that contributed and sent in videos – you all are the best fans around!  And make sure to watch for the contest winner too.  Take and I’ll talk to everyone again soon!


Podcast # 499 – “The Final Countdown” – 1408.03

This week on the podcast Dave is guest hosting and he covers a classic Sci-Fi film from 1980 – “The Final Countdown.”  This time travel tale features a great cast and has the cool scenario of what would happen if a modern aircraft carrier were to be transported back in time to Pearl Harbor at the start of World War II.  It’s an exciting story and one that holds up pretty well, I think.  I want to thank Dave for covering this cool movie this week on the podcast.

Next weekend is big show # 500!  There is still some time to get your video in for next week’s show about what Sci-Fi or fantasy universe you would like to live in if you could.  It’s going to be a big, fun vidcast and the more participation the better.  So get recording and until next time, take care and enjoy your week ahead.

P.S. Go see the “Guardians of the Galaxy” movie!  It’s wonderful!!

Podcast # 498 – Skype Chat – 1407.27

Yesterday I got together over Skype with some friends to discuss all the summer movies we have seen and what we thought about them.  On the Skype call were Rick M., Rick P., Chris T., Jeff J., Bryan D., and myself talking about the films for the year so far and what we also still are looking forward to seeing.  I play a few bits of the trailers to things like “Edge of Tomorrow”, “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes”, “Transformers 4″, and more.  Amy Moyer also drops by near the end of the call to talk about the new TV series, “Outlander” coming to Starz soon as we talk a little about some of the TV we are watching too.  Another fun Skype chat and I want to thank those that had time to join in.  It was a lot of fun!

Next weekend Dave will be here to look at the 80′s movie “The Final Countdown.”  Also, make sure to get your videos in for show # 500 soon (due by August 4th please).  You might win that season set of Trek too!  Until next time, enjoy the week ahead and take care out there.

Podcast # 497 – “The Golden Voyage of Sinbad” – 1407.20

This week, I cover a classic fantasy film from the past that I love – “The Golden Voyage of Sinbad” from 1973.  This Ray Harryhausen film is one of my favorites from his film catalog of great movies.  But first I talk a little about some recent geek topics like Trek and the latest ‘Apes movie.’  I really enjoyed the “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” film that I saw last weekend.  Really great movie and amazing effects too.  There is a way to see one of the recent Trek films with a full, live orchestra playing the music (learn more HERE).  And there is a new prop replica of the TOS phaser up for preorder now right HERE.  Lots of cool stuff going on in the geek world.  Then I turn my attention to this week’s film review.

“The Golden Voyage of Sinbad” I think was my first exposure to Ray Harryhausen and remains a favorite to this day.  It has a cool story, great action and monsters along with a very pretty slave girl too (ahh Caroline Munroe).  There are some familiar faces in this one too (like Tom Baker as the bad guy).  The fight with the six armed Kali is a highlight along with the great music too.  Make sure to check out this movie when you can.  It’s a true classic and has some great stop-motion animation too from the master.

That’s about it for this week.  Next week there will be a Skype chat on Saturday, July 26th at 7pm eastern daylight time for the podcast.  Make sure to get your videos in for big show # 500 (due in by August 4th).  Thanks for listening and enjoy your week ahead.


Podcast # 496 – “Flight to Mars” – 1407.13

This week, Mark is back as a guest host to cover the Sci-Fi classic film, “Flight to Mars.”  I love these classic reviews and movies and this is another gem.  Here are some words from the man himself on his most recent guest podcast.

“Hello everybody!  It’s Mark Daniels from the Great Pacific Northwest.  I’m back this week with a science fiction adventure movie.  It’s Flight to Mars from 1951.  It stars Marguerite Chapman and Cameron Mitchell.  If you like the Flash Gordon serials, you will love this movie.  I hope you enjoy it.  
Everyone have a great week.
This is M-5 signing off….

Thanks again for doing another great show Mark.  I will be back next weekend with a look at the film, “The Golden Voyage of Sinbad.”  Take care everyone until then and enjoy your summer week.

Podcast # 495 – “End Game” – 1407.06

This week on the podcast I cover the final episode of Voyager on this classic style podcast. I’ll be looking at the feature length finale of Voyager called “End Game” on this episode. First up, I cover what’s been going with me and what is up in the world of geekdom. I briefly talk about what I thought of the new “Transformers” film that I saw last week.  I also talk about some recent Trek and “Star Wars” news too (get well soon Mr. Ford).  A few other topics come up and then it’s on to the Voyager coverage.

I play some select clips from the Voyager finale and I discuss some behind the scenes stuff about the episode. I think it was a very good wrap up for the series and had some cool stuff going on. It’s always fun to see a time travel story and one where we get to see the actors/characters from different times is a lot of fun too. It’s hard to please everyone in a series finale but I think this one turned out really well (just a little rushed at the very end). I’m glad I decided to cover this one as it gave me a chance to revisit this fun episode.

That’s about it for this week. Next week Mark will be here with a look at the classic SF film called, “Flight to Mars.” Until then take care and enjoy your week ahead.

Podcast # 494 – Ships of the Empire – 1406.29

This week the “Star Wars” ship boys are back with a look at the ships of the Imperial Navy.  Yeah, those awesome ships of the Empire that pursue the rebels during the saga.  Here are some comments from Rick Moyer and the guys on their podcast.

Rick, Bryan, Joe and Jeff are back with another look at ships from Star Wars. This time we look into the ships of the Empire’s Imperial Navy. We cover Tie Fighters, Star Destroyers and Imperial Shuttles. We talk a bit about the specs, history of the ships, production information, and in universe facts about them. It was a fun talk, and everyone shared what they liked about these ships.

Here are some links for some more information on the ships covered

Thanks guys for doing another awesome show.  I’ll be back next weekend with a big podcast on the final Voyager episode called “End Game.”  Take care until then and for those in the US, enjoy the upcoming 4th of July holidays!