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Well, I finally setup a group for the site and podcast on Facebook.  If you use FB, join us at the link below.

Updating the look of the site

Spent some time today updating the looks of the main site.  Some links and things still need to be tweaked and I’m not quite done yet.  But hopefully everything will be working well in a day or two more.

Podcast Announcement & Schedule


cal2016Starting in 2012, the podcast went to an alternate week schedule.  The main host (Rico) does a cast every other week, with guest hosts filling in on the other weeks.  Check here for regular schedule updates.

2012 Schedule:

Jan.   1st:   Secret Santa – vidcast
Jan.   8th:   Podcast year in review with Rick Moyer
Jan. 15th:   VOY – “Hope and Fear”
Jan. 22nd:  “Babylon 5” – with guest Dave


Jan. 29th:   The Year:  1985
Feb.  5th:   The “Alien” cast – with Bryan, Al & Marko
Feb. 12th:  DS9 – “To the Death”
Feb. 19th:   “Battletech” – TV with Joe (aka billybob)


Feb. 26th:   “Justice League” – cartoon
March   4th:  open (TBA)
March 11th:  TOS – “Who Mourns for Adonais?”
March 18th:  “Titan A.E.”  with Jedijeff

March 25th:  ENT – “Sleeping Dogs”
April   1st:  Lost Enterprise  with Rick Moyer
April   8th:  Terminator films
April 15th:  “Alienscast” with Al & Bryan
April 22nd:  TNG – “A Matter of Time”
April 29th:  guest spot

May  6th:   VOY – “Hunters”
May 13th:  Skype Chat (summer films)
May 20th:  “Perfect Creature” with Jen & Meds
May 27th:  Motor City Comic Con – 2012

New update:

June  3rd:   “Apes” franchise with Rick M. & Chris
June 10th:  DS9 – “The Maquis”
June 17th:  “Alien 3” with Al & Bryan
June 24th:  “This Island Earth”

July    1st:  “Enemy Mine” with guest hosts Chris & Rick M.
July    8th:  TOS – “Requiem for Methuselah”
July  15th:  “Starship Troopers” with Davekill
July  22nd:  Movie Music Grab Bag
July  29th:  “Dune” with Chris & Bryan

Aug.   5th:  ENT – “Zero Hour”
Aug.  12th:  “Logan’s Run” with hosts Don Ricardo & son Aryn
Aug.  19th:  “The Greatest American Hero”
Aug.  26th:  “Saga of a Star World” with hosts Chris & Rick
Sept.  2nd:  7th Anniversary LIVE Show (and also Podcast #400!)

Sept.  9th:   Trek Games – with guest host Joe
Sept. 16th:  TNG – “11001001”
Sept. 23rd:  Doctor Who – Meds, Chris, etc.
Sept. 30th:  “Hercules” & “Xena”

Oct.    7th:  “Sky Captain & The World of Tomorrow” with Davekill
Oct.  14th:  VOY – “Blink of an Eye”
Oct.  21st:  “Battle of the Planets” with Jedi Jeff
Oct.  28th:  Halloween – “An American Werewolf in London”
Nov.   4th:  “Prometheus” with Bryan & Al

Nov. 11th:  DS9 – “Statistical Probabilities”
Nov. 18th:  Trek Comics with Chris & Will
Nov. 25th:  “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”

Dec.   2nd:  Jedi Jeff & Collectible Geek Gifts
Dec.   9th:  TOS – “Operation: Annihilate!”
Dec.  16th:  M-5 covers “Journey to the Far Side of the Sun”
Dec.  23rd:  Secret Santa – vidcast
Dec.  30th:  Rick Moyer 2012 TSF retrospective


Jan.   6th:   ENT – “Babel One”
Jan.  13th:  Jerry Goldsmith with Vartok
Jan.  20th:  DS9 20th Anniversary show with Chris & Rico
Jan.  27th:  “Man From Atlantis”

Feb.    3rd:   “Robot Jox” with Joe M.
Feb.  10th:   TNG – “Elementary, Dear Data”
Feb.  17th:   “More Dune” – with Chris & Bryan
Feb.  24th:   Joint Show with Anomaly on Trek

March   3rd:  “Planet of the Vampires” with Mark D. (M-5)
March 10th:   VOY – “Bliss”
March 17th:  “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” with Chris & Al
March 24th:  The Year:  2002
March 31st:  ‘Trek Ships’ with Jeff & Rick Moyer

April 7th:   Interview with author Nicholas Eftimiades
April 14th: “Robotech” – with Chris
April 21st:  TOS – “Plato’s Stepchildren”
April 28th: “Colossus: The Forbin Project” – with Mark D (M-5)

May 5th: Skype Chat
May 12th: Trek Games – with Chris & Joby
May 19th: “Into Darkness” – video reviews
May 26th: More Trek Ships with Rick, Jeff & Bryan

June 2nd: ENT – “Bounty”
June 9th:   “Buck Rogers” (’79 pilot) with Rick & Jen
June 16th: Trek Music – part 3
June 23rd: Superheroes in Film with Rico & Chris
June 30th: DS9 – “Indiscretion”
July 7th: Conan with Rico, Chris & Chuck

July 14th:  “It! The Terror From Beyond Space” – with Mark
July 21st:   TNG – “The Price”
July 28th:  Trek Alien Ships – with Rick, Jeff & Bryan

Aug.  4th:  “2001” & beyond – with Rico & Chris
Aug. 11th: “Knight Rider” – with Meds
Aug. 18th:  VOY – “Shattered”
Aug. 25th:  Guest spot (open)
Sept. 1st:  8th Anniversary Live Show

Sept.  8th:  “It Came From Outer Space” – with Mark D.
Sept. 15th:  TOS – “The Cloud Minders”
Sept. 22nd:  Stephen King – with Chris & Joby
Sept. 29th:  Fandom with Rico, Jen & Angela

Oct. 6th: Antiheroes – with Rico & Chris
Oct. 13th: ENT – “Affliction”
Oct. 20th: “The Thing From another World” – with Mark
Oct. 27th: Halloween – “Army of Darkness”

Nov. 3rd: Star Wars Ships – with Jeff, Rick, Bryan & Joe
Nov. 10th: ENT – “Divergence”
Nov. 17th: “Kronos” – with Mark
Nov. 25th: Austin Comic Con

Dec.   8th:  DS9 – “By Inferno’s Light”
Dec. 15th:  Doctor Who 50th – with Meds & Chris
Dec. 22nd:  Trek-Mas Skype Cast Party
Dec. 29th:  Secret Santa Vidcast

2014 Schedule

Jan.   5th:  Year in Review with Rick Moyer
Jan. 12th:  TNG – “Galaxy’s Child”
Jan. 19th:  “Destination Moon” with Mark D.
Jan. 26th:  DC Animated films
Feb.  2nd:  “Kenobi” – book review with: Chris, Jen, Bryan, Joe

Feb.  9th:  VOY – “Infinite Regress”
Feb. 16th:  “Conan the Destroyer” with Rico & Chris

Feb. 21st: Chat with Larry Nemecek – Part 2
March 2nd: no show (in China)
March 9th: Geek Grab Bag
March 16th: Automan & Streethawk w/Meds
March 23rd: TOS – “The Alternative Factor”
March 30th: TNG – “The Child” w/ the Moyers
April 6th: “Star Wars: The Clone Wars”
April 13th: “Invaders from Mars” with Mark


April   20th:  Genre Favorites with Rico & Chris
April   27th:  Vartok covers the music of Brian Tyler
May     4th:  ENT – “Kir’Shara”
May    11th: Rick Moyer & Sebastian Prooth

May    18th:  Interview with author Marc Cushman
May    25th:  Motor City Comic Con – vidcast
June     1st:  The ‘Star Wars Shop’ with Rick Moyer
June     8th:  DS9 – “When it Rains…”

June   15th:  UFO series – with the Ricardo family
June   22nd:  Rico & Chris on the past TV season
June   29th:  Star Wars Ships – Imperials with the ‘Ship Guys’

July     6th:  VOY – “End Game”
July   13th:  “Flight to Mars” with Mark
July   20th:  “The Golden Voyage of Sinbad”
July   27th:  Skype Chat
Aug.    3rd:  guest cast
Aug.  10th:  MEGA-CAST SHOW # 500

Aug.   17th:  No Podcast
Aug.   24th:  “Them!” with Mark
Aug.   31st:  9th Anniversary LIVE Cast
Sept.   7th:  Movie Robots – with Shawn & Brigitte
Sept. 14th:  TOS – “Elaan of Troyius”
Sept. 21st:  “Mass Effect” games with Chris & Jen
Sept. 28th:  Fall 2014 TV – vidcast?

Oct.    5th:   Outer Limits – “The Zanti Misfits” with Mark
Oct.   12th:  Austin Comic Con – vidcast
Oct.   19th:  The Moyers & Jen cover “Outlander”
Oct.   26th:  “House on Haunted Hill” (1959)
Nov.   2nd:   guest host
Nov.   9th:   TNG – “True Q”
Nov.  16th:  guest host
Nov.  23rd:  Convention Stories (Skype chat)
Nov.  30th:  “War of the Worlds” (1953) with MarkDec.    7th:  ENT – “Demons”
Dec.  14th:  Chris & Jen cover the “Elder Scrolls” games
Dec.  21st:  Trekmas Special
Dec.  28th:  Music of Danny Elfman with Vartok
Jan. 4th:  DS9 – “Soldiers of the Empire”
Jan. 11th: Rick Moyer with a 2014 TSF recap
Jan. 18th: Surprise Cast
Jan. 25th: “Contact” with Davekill
Feb.    1st:  VOY – “Time and Again”
Feb.    8th:  “Robinson Crusoe on Mars” – with Mark
Feb.  15th:  “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” – Rico & Kenny
Feb.  22nd:  World of Tolkien – Chris & Dave
March    1st:  TOS – “Patterns of Force”
March    8th:  “The Earth vs The Flying Saucer” with Mark
March  15th:  Harlan Ellison
March  22nd:  “Supergirl” movie – with Meds
March  29th:  Summer Movie Preview – vidcast
April     5th:   Rico, Jen & Angela talk: Growing up Geek
April    12th:  ENT – “Daedalus”
April    19th:  “Angry Red Planet” with Mark
April    26th:  “Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban” – with Rico & Kenny
May    3rd:  Patreon Fund Raising – vidcast
May   10th:  TNG – “Realm of Fear”
May   17th:  The Moyers – Geeky Mother’s Day
May   24th:  Motor City Comic Con – vidcast
May   31st:  Flash/Arrow talk – with Rico & Chris
June  7th:  “When Worlds Collide” with Mark
June 14th:  DS9 – “Destiny”
June 21st:  UMB Cast with Joe
June 28th:  Summer Skype Chat
July  5th:  Trek Technology
July 12th:  no show (Rico out of the country)
July 19th:  Special Guest Cast
July 26th:  VOY – “Imperfection”

Aug.  2nd:  “Willow” with Chris & Kenny
Aug.  9th:   Comics Roundup
Aug. 16th:  Jedi Jeff Vidcast on Trek Diamond Ships
Aug. 24th:  (no show)
Aug. 30th:  Chicago Comic Con vidcast

Sept.  6th:  10th Anniversary LIVE Cast

Sept. 13th:  Anomaly reroll
Sept: 20th:  TOS – “Wink of an Eye”
Sept. 27th:  Classic Sci-Fi themes with Mark (M-5)

Oct.    4th:  Indiana Jones (vidcast)
Oct.  11th:  Best Trek Crew with Rico & Chris
Oct.  18th:  “The Avengers” tv series with Dave
Oct.  25th:  Halloween Special with Rico & Jen

Nov.  8th:  Mini-Vidcast
Nov. 15th:  VIDCAST: Austin Comic Con 2015
Nov. 22nd: SW Stacks – “Heir to the Empire”
Nov. 29th:  ENT – “Regeneration”

Dec:   6th:  guest spot
Dec.  13th:  Future of Trek (comments welcome)
Dec.  20th:  VIDCAST: “The Force Awakens”
Dec.  27th:  NOT SO Secret Santa


Jan.  3rd:   SW Skype chat
Jan.  10th:  Mini Vidcast
Jan.  17th:  TNG – “Disaster”
Jan.  24th:  guest cast
Jan.  31st:  Doctor Who – Series (Season) 9

Feb.  7th:  Jedi Jeff on Ships of “The Force Awakens”
Feb. 14th: Sci-Fi & Fantasy Romance
Feb. 21th: “Soylent Green” with Mark
Feb. 28th: DS9 – “Meridian”

March   6th:  Skip Week
March  13th: Current SF/Fantasy TV highlights
March  20th: Music of Harry Gregson-Williams with Vartok
March 27th: VOY – “Night”

April   3rd:  Trek Records – minicast
April  10th:  Films of Ralph Bakshi
April  17th: “Silent Running” with Mark
April  24th:  “Rebels” – season 2 with SW Stacks


LIVE 6th Anniversary Podcast, 9/4/2011

Make sure to join me on Sunday, September 4th at 1pm EDT, when I will be recording and streaming video live to celebrate my 6th Anniversary of “Treks in Sci-Fi.”  It’s going to be a lot of fun, there will be a couple contests, prizes, music, and cake!  Well, the cake will be all for me – hehe!  Anway, I hope many of you can join in via Ustream.  The link is below and make sure to be there for the fun.  It should be a really cool time!  And I have a new, HD webcam just for the occasion.  See you all there!

Podcast Now on Trek Radio

You can now listen to the podcast over at Trek Radio on Tuesday mornings (times on the schedule are Pacific time zone).  The website plays all kinds of cool “Star Trek” related programming over the internet.  This includes podcasts, music, interviews, and all kinds of fun geeky Trek related content.  You can check their program schedule out here and make sure to give them a try sometime soon.  I know you will find all kinds of fun audio programs to help you get your Trek Geek on!  Hope you enjoy it!

Podcast Schedule Updates

Here the latest podcast schedule for you to look over and review.  I will put up regular updates here about monthly showing what is coming up on the show.  If you ever have suggestions for possible show topics, send me an email anytime with your suggestions.

March 20th:  TOS – “All our Yesterdays”
March 27th:  The Year that Was – 1999
April   3rd:  Guest cast on “Time Cop” with Quadshot (Al)
April 10th:  ENT – “Vanishing Point”
April 17th:  Cheesy Sci-Fi
April 24th:  VOY – “Collective”
May   1st:  Summer 2011 Movie Preview – vidcast


May  8th:  DS9 – “Things Past”
May 15th:  Motor City Comic Con ’11
May 22nd: TNG – “We’ll Always Have Paris”
May 29th:  TRON 1 – joint cast w/ Jedijeff

Another update:

June  5th:   TOS – “The Return of the Archons”
June 12th:  “Blade Runner”
June 19th:  Guest Cast (host still needed)
June 26th    ENT – “Azati Prime”

New update…
July   3rd:  “Sliders” – tv series
July 10th:  VOY – “The Disease”
July 17th:  Skype Chat
July 24th:  DS9 – “If Wishes Were Horses”
July 31st:  Guest Slot – Rico Day

And another update:
Aug.   7th:  TOS – “Obsession”
Aug. 14th:  “Forbidden Planet”
Aug. 21st:  Streaming Trek (TNG via Netflix)
Aug. 28th:  “The Last Starfighter”
Sept. 4th:  6th Anniversary Live Show

Upcoming schedule update:
Sept. 11th:  ENT – “Carbon Creek”
Sept. 18th:  Fall Genre TV preview
Sept. 25th:  TNG – “Shades of Gray” with Rick Moyer
Oct.  2nd:  “Godzilla” (1956)

And another update:
Oct.   9th:  VOY – “Living Witness”
Oct. 16th:  Doctor Who – 6-B
Oct. 23rd:  DS9 – “Wrongs Darker than Death or Night”
Oct. 30th:  Scary/Spooky Stories

Nov. 6th: TOS – “That Which Survives”
Nov. 13th: Vartok covers Hans Zimmer
Nov. 20th: ENT – “The Seventh”
Nov. 27th: “Roswell” (tv series)
Dec. 4th: Interview with author Mike Martin

Another Blu-Ray Contest

From our friends over at A&E and AttentionUsa comes another great Blu-Ray giveaway contest.  I announced the details of the contest on Podcast # 323 today (3/20/2011) for “Treks in Sci-Fi.”  You have one week to enter and the winner will be announced on the next weekend’s podcast.  I hope to get a lot of entries for this great prize package.  The contest is available to those in the US and Canada.  The winner will receive the items listed below.  Good luck to all that enter and thanks to the sponsor for providing such a great set of Blu-Rays to give out!

Prize package:

Ancient Aliens-Season One Blu-ray

Life After People The Series Welcome To Earth. Population Zero, The Complete Season Two

The Universe Explore The Edges Of The Unknown The Complete Season Five

How Earth Was Made Complete Season One

Heading Home

Well, after working out of state for over a year I’m finally heading home and back to Michigan.  For those who listen to the podcast on a regular basis, you already know that I have found a new job back in my home state.  It’s been a long haul, and I have to say doing the podcast and visiting with my friends on the forum each day helped me get through it without going completely crazy – hehe.  Anyway, I just want to thank everyone for the support this past year or so – you all have been great and have really supported me, the site, and the podcast.  I’m greatly looking forward to being back in my “Rico-Cave” and doing podcasts there, covering collectibles, upcoming Trek XII movie news and so on.  As they say, “There’s no place like home!”