Podcast Schedule Updates

Here the latest podcast schedule for you to look over and review.  I will put up regular updates here about monthly showing what is coming up on the show.  If you ever have suggestions for possible show topics, send me an email anytime with your suggestions.

March 20th:  TOS – “All our Yesterdays”
March 27th:  The Year that Was – 1999
April   3rd:  Guest cast on “Time Cop” with Quadshot (Al)
April 10th:  ENT – “Vanishing Point”
April 17th:  Cheesy Sci-Fi
April 24th:  VOY – “Collective”
May   1st:  Summer 2011 Movie Preview – vidcast


May  8th:  DS9 – “Things Past”
May 15th:  Motor City Comic Con ’11
May 22nd: TNG – “We’ll Always Have Paris”
May 29th:  TRON 1 – joint cast w/ Jedijeff

Another update:

June  5th:   TOS – “The Return of the Archons”
June 12th:  “Blade Runner”
June 19th:  Guest Cast (host still needed)
June 26th    ENT – “Azati Prime”

New update…
July   3rd:  “Sliders” – tv series
July 10th:  VOY – “The Disease”
July 17th:  Skype Chat
July 24th:  DS9 – “If Wishes Were Horses”
July 31st:  Guest Slot – Rico Day

And another update:
Aug.   7th:  TOS – “Obsession”
Aug. 14th:  “Forbidden Planet”
Aug. 21st:  Streaming Trek (TNG via Netflix)
Aug. 28th:  “The Last Starfighter”
Sept. 4th:  6th Anniversary Live Show

Upcoming schedule update:
Sept. 11th:  ENT – “Carbon Creek”
Sept. 18th:  Fall Genre TV preview
Sept. 25th:  TNG – “Shades of Gray” with Rick Moyer
Oct.  2nd:  “Godzilla” (1956)

And another update:
Oct.   9th:  VOY – “Living Witness”
Oct. 16th:  Doctor Who – 6-B
Oct. 23rd:  DS9 – “Wrongs Darker than Death or Night”
Oct. 30th:  Scary/Spooky Stories

Nov. 6th: TOS – “That Which Survives”
Nov. 13th: Vartok covers Hans Zimmer
Nov. 20th: ENT – “The Seventh”
Nov. 27th: “Roswell” (tv series)
Dec. 4th: Interview with author Mike Martin