Podcast # 631 – TIME TRAVEL – 1704.09

This week on the podcast it’s all about TIME TRAVEL.  First up, I talk briefly and give a spoiler free review of “Ghost in the Shell.”  Then I cover the other movies and TV I’ve been watching lately before I get into the main topic.  The concept of time travel is an age old tradition in Sci-Fi in various forms of media.  I cover some of the early entries, talk about the concept of travelling in time and what type of impact that might have to your own future.  I cover several movies in this are as well as TV shows and a little on books too.  It’s a very cool and fun topic to discuss and certainly one I enjoy a great deal.  I hope you enjoy the show.  

No podcast next week as I will be at the big “Star Wars Celebration Con” in Orlando Florida.  You can follow the fun there at our Facebook Group HERE or follow me on Instagram HERE or even Twitter too.  In two weeks I’ll return with a vidcast talking all about the con.  Until then take care and enjoy the next couple of weeks.

Podcast # 630 – “The Deadly Mantis” – 1704.02

This week guest host Mark Daniels returns with another classic Sci-Fi film from the past.  This time it’s a “Creature Feature” with a look at “The Deadly Mantis” from 1957.  Here are some words from Mark on this film.

Hello Everybody!
This is a Mark Daniels from the Great Pacific Northwest.  I’m back this week with another classic science fiction movie.  Today’s movie is a big bug movie.  It’s “The Deadly Mantis” from 1957.  It stars Craig Stevens (Peter Gunn), William Hopper (Paul Drake from Perry Mason) and Alix Talton.  It’s one of those science fiction movies they always showed when I was a kid.  I hope you enjoy the podcast.  
Take care of yourself…
This is M-5 signing off…
“No insects were harmed during the making of this movie.”
– Thanks Rico!


Big thanks to Mark again for covering another cool film.  I will be back next week with a special episode on time travel.  Until then take care and enjoy your week.


Podcast # 629 – “Proving Ground” – 1703.26

This week it’s a classic style podcast with a look at a third season Enterprise episode and more.  I start out by giving a rundown of the recent films I have seen like “King Kong” and “Beauty and the Beast.”  Then I go over all the recent TV that has me scrambling to keep up with it all.  There is a ton of great stuff on the air and I’m constantly behind by trying to watch all the cool genre TV on air.  After that I get to talking about the Enterprise episode called “Proving Ground.”  This is a solid episode that explores the ongoing relationship between the crew of the Enterprise and the Andorians.  This is deep in season three and the Enterprise is trying to learn more about the dreaded Xindi weapon.  I like this episode quite a bit and always enjoy seeing more Shran and Archer working together.  That wraps up the show for this week.  Next week will be a guest show.  Until then take care and enjoy your week.

Podcast # 628 – Planet of the Apes on TV – 1703.19

This week those lovers of all things Ape, Chris Clemente & Rick Moyer return with a look at the cult classic, the “Planet of the Apes” live action TV series.  They talk about this cool show from way back in 1974 and some of the cool things it showed us and what they liked about the series.  They also touch on the animated Apes series as well too.  A really cool podcast and bug thanks to Rick and Chris for covering this for all of us.  See an image below from the live action show.

Next week I will be back with a look at the Enterprise episode called “Proving Ground.”  Until next time take care and enjoy your week.

Podcast # 627 – “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” – 1703.12

This week the long awaited return of the ‘Potter Team-Up’ of Rico & Kenny are back to cover the fourth book & film in the series, “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.”  We cover the book and film differences, give background, talk about our favorite moments, plays clips and have a great time talking about one of the biggest and best from the Potter line up.  Big thanks to Kenny for his background work, editing and joining me once again to talk about one of our favorite topics.  Watch the movie trailer below and enjoy the podcast folks.  Next week the guest duo of Rick Moyer and Chris Clemente will be here to talk about the “Planet of the Apes” tv series.  Looking forward to that.  Until next time, take care and enjoy your week.

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Podcast # 626 – Music of John Debney – 1703.05

This week Vartok returns with another musical podcast.  Here are some notes from Vartok about his latest podcast composition.

John Debney is an American composer and conductor who has risen to the A-List of Hollywood composers.  He grew up in a Disney family and has collaborated with Disney over his entire career that started in 1979.  John is a prolific composer with over 185 entries in the IMDB including scores for Bruce Almighty, SeaQuest 2032, Spy Kids 1 & 2, Bruce Almighty, The Scorpion King, The Passion of the Christ, Iron Man 2, and the recent adaptation of The Jungle Book.  He counts the works of Jerry Goldsmith and John Williams as having a strong influence on his compositions.  His unique ability to create memorable work across a variety of film and TV genres, as well as his reputation for being remarkably collaborative, have made him the first choice of top level producers and directors.


Big thanks to Vartok for another great show.  I will be back next week with Kenny for our latest Harry Potter cast.  Until next time, take care and enjoy your week.

Podcast # 625 – The Year 1991 – 1702.26

This week I take another trip back in time to talk about the year 1991 in films and TV shows – specifically genre stuff.  First, I talk briefly about the current movies and TV I have been watching and enjoying.  Lots of good stuff on these days and we also have the Oscars on tonight as well.  Then I move on to talking about fun stuff from the year 1991.  I focus on about 6 genre movies from that time that I enjoyed.  It wasn’t a huge year for Sci-Fi films but there are some gems in there.  I also talk a little bit about some of TV we were watching back then.  It’s another fun nostalgia driven show that was cool to do and think back on the fun stuff in the early 90’s.  Hope everyone enjoys this look back.

Next week Vartok will be here with a music cast on the music of John Debney.  Until then take care and enjoy your week!

“Logan” movie looking great!

I’m a big Marvel comic fan and a big Logan/Wolverine fan. This third film in the solo movie series looks to be the best yet.  Can’t wait!

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