Podcast # 742 – “The Loss” – 1909.15

This week I’m back with a classic style TSF podcast for all of you.  First, I talk about the recent TV & movies I’ve been watching.  Been good to be able to have the time to catch up on Netflix and other streaming shows a little bit before fall TV begins.  Then I move into doing a full episode commentary on the the Trek episode for this week.

The TNG episode “The Loss” is from season four and is mainly a Troi story about her losing her empathic sense.  The episode is a bit mixed, but I really enjoyed watching it again and Marina Sirtis does a good acting job in this one with a bit more to do than normal.  I like it quite a bit and more than I had previously.

That’s about it for this time.  Next week should be a guest spot.  Until next time take care and enjoy your week ahead.

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Vidcast # 741 – 14th Anniversary Show – 1909.02

Time for another Anniversary vidcast!  Yep – another year has gone by and it’s been 14 years since I start the podcast.  Today I talk a lot about the “Star Wars” saga and the new stuff coming soon.  It’s an exciting time!  Sorry for the two times in this I forgot to turn my mic back up – NOOB!  anyway, always fun to do a live cast via TWITCH.  I saved the video and posted to my Vimeo site too.  Thanks to those that stopped by to watch LIVE!  Awesome to have you there today!!  

Next week will be either a guest caster or a rerun.  Until then take care and enjoy your week!

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Podcast # 740 – D23 News – 1908.25

This week a shorter show but I wanted to talk about all the news coming out of the Disney, D23 Show.  Lots of stuff about “The Mandalorian” tv series, the next “Star Wars” film, the new Disney streaming service and much more.  I talk about some recent TV and movies too and my nerd excitement for all the cool upcoming content we will be getting over the next several months.  Hope you enjoy the podcast this week.

Next week on Sunday (or maybe Monday) I will be doing my LIVE 14th Podcast Anniversary show.  Hope you will join me to celebrate!  Thanks and enjoy your week.

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Podcast # 739 – Cons & TV shows – 1908.18

This week a casual podcast where I talk about a couple recent TV shows that I just finished watching and some more Comic Con talk.  First, I talk briefly and spoiler free about “The Umbrella Academy” (Netflix) and “The Boys” (Amazon Prime) series.  Both based on comic books, both good but very different.  Then I talk a little about the recent Michigan Comic Con that I went to yesterday with my older son.  Got a photo with Michael Dorn too!  Fun times!

That’s about it for this week.  Next week should be a guest cast and in two weeks it will be my LIVE 14th Anniversary show.  Until next time take care and be safe out there.

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And thanks to those that do!

Podcast # 738 – “Battle Beyond the Stars” – 1908.11

This week our cult classic buff Mark returns with a look at another cult classic Sci-Fi film.  Take a look below at what Mark has to say about this really cool film.

Hello Everybody!
This is Mark Daniels from the Great Pacific Northwest.  I’m back this week with another classic science fiction movie.  Today’s movie is a cult classic from 1980,  It’s “Battle Beyond the Stars!”  It stars Richard Thomas, George Peppard, Robert Vaughn and Sybil Danning.  Today’s movie is Roger Corman’s answer to Star Wars!  This is a fun movie and I hope you all enjoy it.
I’ll be back soon with another classic science fiction movie
Until then…
Everyone take care…
This is M-5 signing off…
Big thanks to Mark for this guest cast.  I should be back next week with another show talking about comic cons and other items too.  Until next time take care and enjoy your week ahead.
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Podcast # 737 – Skype chat on SDCC 2019 – 1908.04

My good friend Kenny from California and myself got on Skype to talk all about San Diego Comic com 2019!  It was just my second year going and I had just as much fun as the first year – maybe even more.  Kenny and I talk about the panels, the people, the cosplaying, food, and more.  So, take some time and listen to our Comic Con recap.  This show plus the Vidcast last week should give you a good idea of the con and hopefully will encourage some of you to make your way out there sometime.  Big thanks to Kenny for taking some time out of his weekend to chat and record this show with me.

Next weekend will probably be a guest cast.  Until next time, enjoy your week and continued summer fun!

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Vidcast # 736 – San Diego Comic Con 2019 – 1907.28

Ok, here’s the big Vidcast all about SDCC 2019!  What a great time it was!  Got some music videos, some comments from me and much more.  Sit back enjoy the fun!

Podcast # 735 – Ready Room Rerun – 1907.14

As I prepare for San Diego Comic Con 2019 coming up this week I decided to play a blast from the past for all of you.  Yes, Ready Room #6 from way back in March 2008!  This particular episode is more of a discussion over Skype with myself, Kenny and Jen.  Back in the day we had a great time writing an RPG on the old TSF forum (which is still there by the way).  During that time Kenny, Jen and others would do Ready Rooms, record lines and release shows based on our RPG adventures.  It was a really good time and I’m trying to figure out a way to sort of bring this back in some fashion.  Expect more on this in the future.  In the meantime, enjoy this rerun episode.

If you would like to download an Excel chart showing past TSF podcasts with links to shows I will list a link below for you to do that.


Ok, next weekend I will be at SDCC and there will not be a podcast but in just two weeks there will be a big vidcast covering Comic Con.  I’m really getting excited now for my second SDCC show!  Take care all and talk to you again soon!