Podcast #936 – “Space Command: Redemption” – 2406.09

A special podcast this week. I was able to interview a few of the folks who have worked on the “Space Command” series. Specially I spoke with Marc Scott Zicree (writer/director), Doug Jones (actor), and Ethan McDowell (actor). We mainly focused on the “Space Command: Redemption” film, but this is a multi-part series and Marc details his plans for the series. We cover many topics such as crowd funding, writing, and other related items to bringing a series like this to the screen. I had a great time during the roughly hour long interview. The interview is mainly an audio podcast, but we had our cameras on and I recorded a small amount of video that you can see HERE if you are a Patreon supporter. Big thanks to the guys for speaking with me.

For more info on this, check out Marc’s YouTube page at Mr. Sci-Fi HERE.

I’ll be back in two weeks with a new podcast. Until then, take care and enjoy yourself.

Podcast #935 – DISCO season 5 – 2406.02

This week I run down the fifth and final season of “Star Trek: Discovery.” Of course, as usual I talk about other recent TV and movies I’ve been watching and enjoying – some non-genre stuff too. Then I move on to DISCO.

Discovery has had a bit of a rocky ride and not thrilled all Trek fans but I’ve enjoyed it for the most part. Some things could have been done better (like using all the cast more) but overall if brought TREK back to TV. The final season I think has a good idea and premise and I enjoyed most of it. I run down the episodes briefly and talk about what I thought about each of them. I will mist the show and have to admit I got a bit teary during the last few minutes of the series.

Next week I will have a special interview show featuring folks who worked on the movie, “Space Command: Redemption” which should be a lot of fun. Until next time take care and enjoy your week.

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Podcast #934 – Motor City Comic Con 2024 – 2405.19

This time I’m covering Motor City Comic Con 2024. The annual, local comic con I got to most every year and went to yesterday. I first chat about some recent TV and movies I’ve watched. Some good stuff and some ok stuff is out to see for us geeks lately – and always more to come. Then I move on to talking about the con.

I went yesterday with my two sons and had a good time. Just visited the show floor and went to one panel with the Mandalorian stars. I talk a little about the oddness of pricing for photo ops and autographs too. This year at this con they had quite a few celeb guest – more than typical I would say. Sometimes I think I should spend more time at this con, but I’ve been so many times maybe a quick day there is just fine.

I’ll be back in two weeks with probably a look at the final season of DISCO and more. Take care until next time and enjoy yourself out there.

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Podcast #933 – “The Bad Batch” – 2405.05

This week since “Star Wars: The Bad Batch” just ended it’s run I decided it would be fun to do a recap and look at the series. I start off with some general talk about what I have been up to and also talk some Trek as well then it’s on to the main topic.

“The Bad Batch” started back in 2021 and lasted 3 seasons. This animated series was great and I very much enjoyed the characters and story that was told over the 47 episodes. I also liked the post “Clone Wars” era setting too. I cover the seasons briefly so if you haven’t watched this one yet give it a try.

That’s it for this time. I’ll be back in two weeks with a new show. Take care until next time.

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Podcast #932 – “Saturday Mornings” – 2404.21

This week I decided to talk about some retro TV shows that aired mainly back in the 1970’s era on Saturday mornings. I first talk about recent TV and movies I’ve been watching like “Rebel Moon: Part Two” along with others things. Then it’s on to the main topic.

I loved growing up watching both cartoons and live-action Sci-Fi and fantasy type shows on Saturday mornings. Think like “Shazam!”, “Land of the Lost”, and of course “Electra Woman and Dyna Girl.” I decided to do this podcast because I noticed that last one was now showing on the Roku channel. Most of these shows can be found on DVD now, but many still are not available. I cover several and even a favorite similar type of show from the 90’s as well. It’s definitely a blast from the past type of podcast this week and I hope you all enjoy it!

I’ll be back in two weeks with a brand new podcast. Until then take and enjoy yourself.

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Podcast #931 – “Disco 5” – 2404.07

This week on the podcast I cover the first two episodes of season 5 of “Star Trek: Discovery.” It’s been about two years since season 4 ended, so it’s good to see the show return. I also cover some recent TV and movies I have seen as I typically do on each podcast. Then on to the DISCO topic.

Overall I was pretty happy with these first two episodes. I like the basic story idea and the show seems a bit lighter in tone – to a degree. I toss out a few ideas and some slight spoilers for these episodes so don’t listen if you haven’t watched yet. You have been warned.

That’s about it for this week. I’ll be back in two weeks with more geeky goodness. Take care until next time.

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Podcast #930 – “Grab Bag” – 2403.24

This week I decided to just do a grab bag style show and discuss some recent movies and TV I have seen. I also rundown many of the upcoming films still coming in 2024. I would say it’s a little movie light this summer, but still a few gems in there too. Also some other nerdy comments and geek stuff is shared this week. Hope everyone enjoys the podcast. Take care and I’ll be back in two weeks.

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Podcast #929 – “Oscars 2024” – 2403.10

This week I decided to run down the 2024 nominations and other details for tonight’s Oscar award ceremony. This is a rare year where I have seen about half the films nominated for Best Picture and other categories. I also talk about the usual recent TV and films I’ve seen – such as “Dune: Part 2.” Then I talk about the various Oscar categories and give my thoughts and some predictions about who I think might win the golden statues later on tonight. One thing I’m happy about is the awards show starts one hour earlier than it has in the past. Maybe I’ll actually watch it until the very end – which I haven’t done in many years. Hope you enjoy this special podcast.

I’ll be back in two weeks with a new show. Until then take care.

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