Podcast # 837 “Skyward” – 2110.17

This week it’s a review of the book “Skyward” by Brandon Sanderson. This was originally recorded back in 2019 for the “Anomaly Podcast” and features me, Jen and Rick Rick Peete giving our comments and thoughts on this book (the first in a trilogy). There are some spoilers in this review, just to let you know. I hope you enjoy this show. I know I had a lot of fun recording it with my friends.

Next week I will be reporting about my trip to Motor City Comic Con 2021 which I just went to a couple days ago (yes, the first con in over 2 years for me). Until next time stay safe and enjoy your week.

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Podcast # 836 “Bond, James Bond” – 2110.10

This week on the podcast I try to give a brief rundown and talk about the James Bond film series – up to the most recent, “No Time to Die.” I talk about the various Bond actors, when the moves came out, how much money they made and more. I talk about my favorite Bond’s and favorite of the films too. It’s a fun recap and hope you enjoy it. I also talk a little about a few other genre topics as well.

Next week will be a guest podcast or repeat show. I’ll return in two weeks with a report on the Motor City Comic Comic which is back finally and I’ll be attending next weekend. Until next time take and enjoy your week.

Podcast # 835 – “Escape from New York” – 2110.03

This week Mark is back in the center seat with a look at the classic film, “Escape from New York.” Here are some words from Mark on this great movie.

Hello Everybody!
This is Mark Daniels from the Great Pacific Northwest and I’m back this week with another  classic science fiction movie.  This week’s movie is a cult classic from 1981.  It’s John Carpenter’s “Escape From New York.”  I remember seeing this at the theater.  It’s a great movie!  I hope all enjoy the podcast.  I’ll be back soon with another classic science fiction movie.
Until then…
Everyone took care and stay healthy!
This is M-5 signing off…

Thanks again Mark for another cool podcast. I’ll be here next week with a look at Bond, James Bond as we finally get to see the final Daniel Craig Bond movie opening later this week here in the US. Until next time take care and enjoy your week.

Podcast # 834 “DISCO” Episode 4 – 2109.26

This week is a more classic style show. I start off talking about several topics, recent projects and some random internet stuff too. I also announce the contest winner and read those entries. Then it’s on to the commentary.

I do a full audio commentary on the 4th episode of DISCO called: “The Butcher’s Knife Cares not for the Lamb’s Cry.” This is a cool episode and sets the stage for much of the rest of season 1. I really enjoyed watching this one again and talking about it too.

Next week will be a guest cast or a repeat show. Until next time, enjoy your week ahead and stay well and safe.

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Podcast # 833 – “Continuum” and Time Travel – 2109.19

This week Jen from the Anomaly Podcast joins me to talk about a show we both enjoyed and also time travel too. We start the podcast discussing the SyFy show, “Continuum” and give some background and thoughts on that cool series. Then we move into a bigger discussion on time travel in various movies, TV, books and more. Really a fun chat and I was glad we could finally get together to do a new podcast for everyone.

Next weekend I’ll be back with another commentary show on another DISCO season 1 episode. Until next time take care and be safe.

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“Matrix Resurrection” trailer

Wow – this looks so good! Coming in late 2021!

“Star Trek Day” 2021

See all the recent “Star Trek Day” panels and trailers at the links below.

Vidcast # 832 – “16th Anniversary Show” – 2109.05

Did kind of wonky, ad-hoc 16th Anniversary show via Twitch earlier today. Had a few technical issues (that will teach me to not test more first), but it was all still fun! I put it together and posted up on Vimeo. Watch it below and I’ll be back soon with more fun content!