Podcast # 721 – Irish Trek – 1903.17

Today I woke up and decided to do a special St. Patrick’s Day podcast covering the main Irish characters that have been seen in various “Star Trek” series over the years.  I thought it would be a fun topic to cover.  I also talk about some recent travel and what I watched on the plane during my trip.  Hope you all enjoy this special and somewhat shorter than normal podcast.

Next week might be a skip week, but I will get to that book podcast very soon.  Until next time take care and enjoy the week ahead.

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Podcast # 720 – Music of “The Orville” – 1903.10

This week it’s a slightly shorter podcast and Vartok is here to cover the music of “The Orville” tv series.  First, I give a spoiler review of the new “Captain Marvel” film which I enjoyed very much.  There are two Vartok music segments in today’s podcast on “The Orville” and I also talk about the series as well.  I little different type of podcast this week and I hope you enjoy it.

Next week I’ll be back with a show about some books that I’ve been enjoying and some of my favorite books of all time too.  Until next time enjoy your week and take care.

Podcast # 719 – Oscars & Sci-Fi – 1903.03

With the recent Academy Awards and Oscars given out I decided to do a podcast talking about how Sci-Fi & Fantasy films have been viewed and handled by the Oscars over the years.  First, I give a spoiler free review of “Alita: Battle Angel” and talk about some other recent and upcoming films and TV.  For the main topic I run through several years of Academy Awards and talk about genre films that have been nominated for various things and what awards have been gathered over the years for genre films.  It’s an interesting topic and with the recent nominations for “Black Panther” maybe we are on the cusp of the Academy paying more attention to these types of films in the future.  

Next week’s show will be a guest spot of a repeat show.  Hope you enjoyed this week’s podcast and take care in the week ahead.

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Podcast # 718 – “The Rocketeer” – 1902.24

This week awesome guest host Mark is back with a look at the 1991 film, “The Rocketeer.”  This is a fun movie and here are some words from Mark on this film.

This is Mark Daniels from the Great Pacific Northwest.  I’m back this week with another classic science fiction movie.  Today’s movie is “The Rocketeer” from 1991.  It stars Billy Campbell, Jennifer Connelly, Alan Arkin, Paul Sorvino and Timothy Dalton.  If you like the serials of the 1930s and 1940s, you are gong to love The Rocketeer!  It’s the story of a pilot who finds an experimental rocket pack and is wanted by the FBI and Nazi spies.  Its a great movie!  I hope everyone enjoys it!
I’ll be back soon with another classic science fiction movie.
Until then…
Everyone take care…
This is M-5 signing off…


Podcast # 717 – Enterprise “Bound” – 1902.17

This week it’s finally a return to a classic style podcast with a look at the 4th season Enterprise episode called, “Bound.”  First up, I discuss some of the recent genre TV and movies I’ve been watching.  A few comments about the terrible winter here in Michigan and con topics and then on to the main topic for this week.  This Trek episode gives us a good look at the Orion’s as a group of three lovely Orion slave girls come aboard Enterprise.  Of course, trouble starts to happen soon after their arrival and this is a fun episode to watch as the crew deals with these ladies.  I play the episode for all of you and comment as I watch it.

Next week mark will be here with a look at the movie, “The Rocketeer” for all of you.  Until next time enjoy your week and be safe out there.

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Podcast # 716 – CW DC Comic Shows – 1902.03


This week I take a long overdue look at all the DC comic book shows airing on the CW.  I first talk about the crazy cold winter weather we had last week (at least it’s gone now).  The DC shows on the CW have been some of my favorites over the last several years.  From “Arrow” to “Flash” and others I watch these each week near when they first air and enjoy them all greatly.  I give a brief overview of each show, the casts and try to give you a little taste of each.  If you have never seen any of these you really should give them a try if you like this kind of thing.  The casts are all fantastic and each show is a lot of fun in their own, unique way.  Hope you enjoy this look at all these cool TV shows.

That’s all for this week.  Next week should be a guest spot.  Today is Superbowl Sunday so enjoy that and I’ll talk to you all again soon.  Stay safe out there.

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Podcast # 715 – Discover – Season 2! – 1901.20

This week I got on Skype with Chris and Angela to discuss the season two premiere episode of “Star Trek: Discovery” called “Brother.”  It’s a really strong start to season two and we talk about our favorite stuff in the episode (SPOILERS) and also jump around into fandom and some “Star Wars” as well.  It was a fun chat and I want to thank Chris and Angela for joining me.  Make sure to check out their podcasts that I will list below too.

Next will probably be a guest host here for you.  So, until next time stay warm and enjoy your week!

Chris (and Joe who you hear very briefly here) can be heard on the “Star Wars Stacks” book podcast

Angela can be heard on the Anomaly Podcast

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Podcast # 714 – Back & Back to the Future – 1901.13

This week I decided to release a repeat podcast of a show I did back in August of 2009 for podcast #238 covering the “Back to the Future” trilogy.  This is one of my favorite movie series of all time and I wanted to share the show with all of you in case you missed it the first time or want to revisit almost ten years ago when I recorded this one.  I do love these movies and never get tired of watching them or talking about them.  Just so much fun!  So, sit back and enjoy the ride once again as we go back to the future!

Next week will be a Skype chat about the first episode of season three of Discovery.  Looking forward to the series being back!  So, until next time take care and enjoy your week ahead.

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