Podcast Announcement & Schedule


cal2016Starting in 2012, the podcast went to an alternate week schedule.  The main host (Rico) does a cast every other week, with guest hosts filling in on the other weeks.  Check here for regular schedule updates.

2012 Schedule:

Jan.   1st:   Secret Santa – vidcast
Jan.   8th:   Podcast year in review with Rick Moyer
Jan. 15th:   VOY – “Hope and Fear”
Jan. 22nd:  “Babylon 5” – with guest Dave


Jan. 29th:   The Year:  1985
Feb.  5th:   The “Alien” cast – with Bryan, Al & Marko
Feb. 12th:  DS9 – “To the Death”
Feb. 19th:   “Battletech” – TV with Joe (aka billybob)


Feb. 26th:   “Justice League” – cartoon
March   4th:  open (TBA)
March 11th:  TOS – “Who Mourns for Adonais?”
March 18th:  “Titan A.E.”  with Jedijeff

March 25th:  ENT – “Sleeping Dogs”
April   1st:  Lost Enterprise  with Rick Moyer
April   8th:  Terminator films
April 15th:  “Alienscast” with Al & Bryan
April 22nd:  TNG – “A Matter of Time”
April 29th:  guest spot

May  6th:   VOY – “Hunters”
May 13th:  Skype Chat (summer films)
May 20th:  “Perfect Creature” with Jen & Meds
May 27th:  Motor City Comic Con – 2012

New update:

June  3rd:   “Apes” franchise with Rick M. & Chris
June 10th:  DS9 – “The Maquis”
June 17th:  “Alien 3” with Al & Bryan
June 24th:  “This Island Earth”

July    1st:  “Enemy Mine” with guest hosts Chris & Rick M.
July    8th:  TOS – “Requiem for Methuselah”
July  15th:  “Starship Troopers” with Davekill
July  22nd:  Movie Music Grab Bag
July  29th:  “Dune” with Chris & Bryan

Aug.   5th:  ENT – “Zero Hour”
Aug.  12th:  “Logan’s Run” with hosts Don Ricardo & son Aryn
Aug.  19th:  “The Greatest American Hero”
Aug.  26th:  “Saga of a Star World” with hosts Chris & Rick
Sept.  2nd:  7th Anniversary LIVE Show (and also Podcast #400!)

Sept.  9th:   Trek Games – with guest host Joe
Sept. 16th:  TNG – “11001001”
Sept. 23rd:  Doctor Who – Meds, Chris, etc.
Sept. 30th:  “Hercules” & “Xena”

Oct.    7th:  “Sky Captain & The World of Tomorrow” with Davekill
Oct.  14th:  VOY – “Blink of an Eye”
Oct.  21st:  “Battle of the Planets” with Jedi Jeff
Oct.  28th:  Halloween – “An American Werewolf in London”
Nov.   4th:  “Prometheus” with Bryan & Al

Nov. 11th:  DS9 – “Statistical Probabilities”
Nov. 18th:  Trek Comics with Chris & Will
Nov. 25th:  “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”

Dec.   2nd:  Jedi Jeff & Collectible Geek Gifts
Dec.   9th:  TOS – “Operation: Annihilate!”
Dec.  16th:  M-5 covers “Journey to the Far Side of the Sun”
Dec.  23rd:  Secret Santa – vidcast
Dec.  30th:  Rick Moyer 2012 TSF retrospective


Jan.   6th:   ENT – “Babel One”
Jan.  13th:  Jerry Goldsmith with Vartok
Jan.  20th:  DS9 20th Anniversary show with Chris & Rico
Jan.  27th:  “Man From Atlantis”

Feb.    3rd:   “Robot Jox” with Joe M.
Feb.  10th:   TNG – “Elementary, Dear Data”
Feb.  17th:   “More Dune” – with Chris & Bryan
Feb.  24th:   Joint Show with Anomaly on Trek

March   3rd:  “Planet of the Vampires” with Mark D. (M-5)
March 10th:   VOY – “Bliss”
March 17th:  “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” with Chris & Al
March 24th:  The Year:  2002
March 31st:  ‘Trek Ships’ with Jeff & Rick Moyer

April 7th:   Interview with author Nicholas Eftimiades
April 14th: “Robotech” – with Chris
April 21st:  TOS – “Plato’s Stepchildren”
April 28th: “Colossus: The Forbin Project” – with Mark D (M-5)

May 5th: Skype Chat
May 12th: Trek Games – with Chris & Joby
May 19th: “Into Darkness” – video reviews
May 26th: More Trek Ships with Rick, Jeff & Bryan

June 2nd: ENT – “Bounty”
June 9th:   “Buck Rogers” (’79 pilot) with Rick & Jen
June 16th: Trek Music – part 3
June 23rd: Superheroes in Film with Rico & Chris
June 30th: DS9 – “Indiscretion”
July 7th: Conan with Rico, Chris & Chuck

July 14th:  “It! The Terror From Beyond Space” – with Mark
July 21st:   TNG – “The Price”
July 28th:  Trek Alien Ships – with Rick, Jeff & Bryan

Aug.  4th:  “2001” & beyond – with Rico & Chris
Aug. 11th: “Knight Rider” – with Meds
Aug. 18th:  VOY – “Shattered”
Aug. 25th:  Guest spot (open)
Sept. 1st:  8th Anniversary Live Show

Sept.  8th:  “It Came From Outer Space” – with Mark D.
Sept. 15th:  TOS – “The Cloud Minders”
Sept. 22nd:  Stephen King – with Chris & Joby
Sept. 29th:  Fandom with Rico, Jen & Angela

Oct. 6th: Antiheroes – with Rico & Chris
Oct. 13th: ENT – “Affliction”
Oct. 20th: “The Thing From another World” – with Mark
Oct. 27th: Halloween – “Army of Darkness”

Nov. 3rd: Star Wars Ships – with Jeff, Rick, Bryan & Joe
Nov. 10th: ENT – “Divergence”
Nov. 17th: “Kronos” – with Mark
Nov. 25th: Austin Comic Con

Dec.   8th:  DS9 – “By Inferno’s Light”
Dec. 15th:  Doctor Who 50th – with Meds & Chris
Dec. 22nd:  Trek-Mas Skype Cast Party
Dec. 29th:  Secret Santa Vidcast

2014 Schedule

Jan.   5th:  Year in Review with Rick Moyer
Jan. 12th:  TNG – “Galaxy’s Child”
Jan. 19th:  “Destination Moon” with Mark D.
Jan. 26th:  DC Animated films
Feb.  2nd:  “Kenobi” – book review with: Chris, Jen, Bryan, Joe

Feb.  9th:  VOY – “Infinite Regress”
Feb. 16th:  “Conan the Destroyer” with Rico & Chris

Feb. 21st: Chat with Larry Nemecek – Part 2
March 2nd: no show (in China)
March 9th: Geek Grab Bag
March 16th: Automan & Streethawk w/Meds
March 23rd: TOS – “The Alternative Factor”
March 30th: TNG – “The Child” w/ the Moyers
April 6th: “Star Wars: The Clone Wars”
April 13th: “Invaders from Mars” with Mark


April   20th:  Genre Favorites with Rico & Chris
April   27th:  Vartok covers the music of Brian Tyler
May     4th:  ENT – “Kir’Shara”
May    11th: Rick Moyer & Sebastian Prooth

May    18th:  Interview with author Marc Cushman
May    25th:  Motor City Comic Con – vidcast
June     1st:  The ‘Star Wars Shop’ with Rick Moyer
June     8th:  DS9 – “When it Rains…”

June   15th:  UFO series – with the Ricardo family
June   22nd:  Rico & Chris on the past TV season
June   29th:  Star Wars Ships – Imperials with the ‘Ship Guys’

July     6th:  VOY – “End Game”
July   13th:  “Flight to Mars” with Mark
July   20th:  “The Golden Voyage of Sinbad”
July   27th:  Skype Chat
Aug.    3rd:  guest cast
Aug.  10th:  MEGA-CAST SHOW # 500

Aug.   17th:  No Podcast
Aug.   24th:  “Them!” with Mark
Aug.   31st:  9th Anniversary LIVE Cast
Sept.   7th:  Movie Robots – with Shawn & Brigitte
Sept. 14th:  TOS – “Elaan of Troyius”
Sept. 21st:  “Mass Effect” games with Chris & Jen
Sept. 28th:  Fall 2014 TV – vidcast?

Oct.    5th:   Outer Limits – “The Zanti Misfits” with Mark
Oct.   12th:  Austin Comic Con – vidcast
Oct.   19th:  The Moyers & Jen cover “Outlander”
Oct.   26th:  “House on Haunted Hill” (1959)
Nov.   2nd:   guest host
Nov.   9th:   TNG – “True Q”
Nov.  16th:  guest host
Nov.  23rd:  Convention Stories (Skype chat)
Nov.  30th:  “War of the Worlds” (1953) with MarkDec.    7th:  ENT – “Demons”
Dec.  14th:  Chris & Jen cover the “Elder Scrolls” games
Dec.  21st:  Trekmas Special
Dec.  28th:  Music of Danny Elfman with Vartok
Jan. 4th:  DS9 – “Soldiers of the Empire”
Jan. 11th: Rick Moyer with a 2014 TSF recap
Jan. 18th: Surprise Cast
Jan. 25th: “Contact” with Davekill
Feb.    1st:  VOY – “Time and Again”
Feb.    8th:  “Robinson Crusoe on Mars” – with Mark
Feb.  15th:  “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” – Rico & Kenny
Feb.  22nd:  World of Tolkien – Chris & Dave
March    1st:  TOS – “Patterns of Force”
March    8th:  “The Earth vs The Flying Saucer” with Mark
March  15th:  Harlan Ellison
March  22nd:  “Supergirl” movie – with Meds
March  29th:  Summer Movie Preview – vidcast
April     5th:   Rico, Jen & Angela talk: Growing up Geek
April    12th:  ENT – “Daedalus”
April    19th:  “Angry Red Planet” with Mark
April    26th:  “Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban” – with Rico & Kenny
May    3rd:  Patreon Fund Raising – vidcast
May   10th:  TNG – “Realm of Fear”
May   17th:  The Moyers – Geeky Mother’s Day
May   24th:  Motor City Comic Con – vidcast
May   31st:  Flash/Arrow talk – with Rico & Chris
June  7th:  “When Worlds Collide” with Mark
June 14th:  DS9 – “Destiny”
June 21st:  UMB Cast with Joe
June 28th:  Summer Skype Chat
July  5th:  Trek Technology
July 12th:  no show (Rico out of the country)
July 19th:  Special Guest Cast
July 26th:  VOY – “Imperfection”

Aug.  2nd:  “Willow” with Chris & Kenny
Aug.  9th:   Comics Roundup
Aug. 16th:  Jedi Jeff Vidcast on Trek Diamond Ships
Aug. 24th:  (no show)
Aug. 30th:  Chicago Comic Con vidcast

Sept.  6th:  10th Anniversary LIVE Cast

Sept. 13th:  Anomaly reroll
Sept: 20th:  TOS – “Wink of an Eye”
Sept. 27th:  Classic Sci-Fi themes with Mark (M-5)

Oct.    4th:  Indiana Jones (vidcast)
Oct.  11th:  Best Trek Crew with Rico & Chris
Oct.  18th:  “The Avengers” tv series with Dave
Oct.  25th:  Halloween Special with Rico & Jen

Nov.  8th:  Mini-Vidcast
Nov. 15th:  VIDCAST: Austin Comic Con 2015
Nov. 22nd: SW Stacks – “Heir to the Empire”
Nov. 29th:  ENT – “Regeneration”

Dec:   6th:  guest spot
Dec.  13th:  Future of Trek (comments welcome)
Dec.  20th:  VIDCAST: “The Force Awakens”
Dec.  27th:  NOT SO Secret Santa


Jan.  3rd:   SW Skype chat
Jan.  10th:  Mini Vidcast
Jan.  17th:  TNG – “Disaster”
Jan.  24th:  guest cast
Jan.  31st:  Doctor Who – Series (Season) 9

Feb.  7th:  Jedi Jeff on Ships of “The Force Awakens”
Feb. 14th: Sci-Fi & Fantasy Romance
Feb. 21th: “Soylent Green” with Mark
Feb. 28th: DS9 – “Meridian”

March   6th:  Skip Week
March  13th: Current SF/Fantasy TV highlights
March  20th: Music of Harry Gregson-Williams with Vartok
March 27th: VOY – “Night”

April   3rd:  Trek Records – minicast
April  10th:  Films of Ralph Bakshi
April  17th: “Silent Running” with Mark
April  24th:  “Rebels” – season 2 with SW Stacks