“Star Wars” is BACK!!!


In the last few days since “Star Wars: Celebration” was this week we have been treated to some great new stuff.  Of course, we have the next teaser trailer for “Episode VII:  The Force Awakens” along with a great new trailer for “Rebels” Season two coming next fall.  Both look super great and I’m very happy we are getting so much new “Star Wars” content in the coming years.  Check both out below and May the Force Be With You!


Podcast # 535 – “Angry Red Planet” – 1504.19

Mark is back this week with a look at another classic Sci-Fi film from the past.  This time out it’s the 1959 film, “Angry Red Planet.”  Here are some words from Mark about his latest classic film review.

Hello Everybody!
This is Mark Daniels for the Great Pacific Northwest.  I’m back this week with another classic science fiction movie.  
Today’s podcast is a tribute to Ib Melchior.  He was a screenwriter and director of low budget science fiction movies.  He passed away last month at the age of 97.  Today the movie is “The Angry Red Planet” from 1959.  Starring:  Gerald Mohr, Nora Hayden, Jack Kruschen and Les Tremayne. 
I hope you enjoy it.  Take care everyone!  This is M-5 signing off…
Thanks again Mark for another cool blast from the past.  Next week, I will be her ewith Kenny as we review our next Potter film, “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.”  Until next time, take care and enjoy your week ahead.

“Star Trek: Renegades” – full trailer

The full trailer is now up for this Tim Russ (Tuvok) fan/pro film coming this summer (2015) called “Star Trek: Renegades.”  This movie boasts a stellar cast and looks to have very high production values.  Check out the trailer below and see what you think of this very cool look Trek fan/pro film.

Podcast # 534 – “Daedalus” – 1504.12

A classic style show this week on the podcast covering an Enterprise episode and some geek news too.  First up, we have a new Facebook Group for Treks in Sci-Fi right HERE.  The previous group was having problems – couldn’t post, comment, etc. so I created a new group.  Please make sure to join us there.  I talk about the excellent “Daredevil” series on Netflix that I’m loving so far.  A very gritty, dark, real, and violent Marvel show – but one done very well.  I’m only a few episodes in but I’m enjoying it a lot.  I talk about some casting news for the next Trek film and I also talk about the digital release of the “Star Wars” movies too.  Then it’s on to the Trek episode for this week.

The Enterprise episode “Daedalus” is from season 4 and I like this one quite a bit.  We learn more about the inventor of the transporter and how he comes aboard the Enterprise to try to save his son lost in a transporter accident years ago.  It’s an interesting episode, with some great guest actors and cool stuff.  I do an audio commentary as I watch the episode with all of you.  That’s about it for this week.  Mark will be here next weekend with a look at the classic SF film, “Angry Red Planet.”  Make sure to tune in then and enjoy your week.

Podcast # 533 – Growing Up Geek – 1504.05

This week we have a special show for all of you.  I got together with Jen & Angela from the Anomaly Podcast via Skype a couple of days ago to talk about growing up as geeks.  We share stories about how we first became geeks and got interested in geeky things – like “Star Trek” and other interests.  We also talk about being parents and showing our children all the cool geeky stuff that is out there.  It was fun to talk to Jen & Angela about this and we had a great time.  We each had different experiences growing up as geeks and each share some cool stories too.  I hope you enjoy this show and a big thanks to Jen & Angela for talking to me about this.  Make sure to check out their Anomaly Podcast too – now weekly!  I will be back next weekend with a look at the Enterprise episode, “Daedalus” along with some other geek news & info.  Until then take care and enjoy your week ahead.

Vidcast # 532 – Summer Movies 2015 – 1503.29

This week I have a special vidcast up on Vimeo now for all of you covering about 10 of the coolest genre films coming out between May and August of this year.  I’m super excited for the upcoming summer movie season and I think it’s going to be a blast again at the movies.  I love watching films in a theater full of people and love the atmosphere of the experience.  I hope you enjoy this brief look at some of these movies and I hope this gets you as excited as I am to see all this cool stuff in the months ahead.  Enjoy the vidcast and take until next time!

Podcast # 531 – Supergirl – 1503.22

This week on the podcast Meds is guesting and looking at the movie “Supergirl” from way back in 1984.  I like this film a lot and I’m glad he got to cover it for all of us.  Starring a very young Helen Slater this movie is just very sweet and charming in many ways.  While it might not be the best film ever there is a lot to enjoy here.  I hope this podcast from Meds will encourage many of you to check it out that may never have seen this especially since next fall we will have a new “Supergirl” TV series on CBS which should be fun.  Big thanks to Meds for this guest spot and make sure to check out his “Waffle On Podcast” sometime too.  Take care this week and I will be back next week with a special vidcast on the upcoming summer movie season.  Talk to you again then.

Podcast # 530 – Harlan Ellison – 1503.15

This week the main topic is legendary writer Harlan Ellison.  I first talk some about Sci-Fi news and the latest happenings on TV and at the movies.  I discuss the recent “Star Wars” film announcements as well as the recent Trek news too before moving on to the main topic.  I’ve enjoyed the writings of Harlan Ellison for a very long time.  I first learned about him due to the TOS episode, “City on the Edge of Forever” – which of course is famous in that Harlan’s script and story were rewritten and he never liked what they did to his tale even though it won several awards including a Hugo.  Check out the new comic version of Harlan’s original story right HERE for that famous episode.  I began reading his short story books in college mainly and loved his crazy imagination.  I enjoyed his commentaries such as “Ellison is Watching” which you can find on his Youtube channel now.  He has an amazing body of work and continues to write and work to this day even though he suffered a stroke last fall.  I urge everyone to pick up one of his short story collections and read what Harlan has to say.  He is never shy with his very informed opinion and that’s what makes him so special.  I play a few clips of Harlan on the podcast including part of his reading of one of his most famous stores.  Hope you enjoy this week’s cast.  Next week Meds will be guesting with a look at the 80’s film of “Supergirl” starring Helen Slater.  Until then take care and enjoy the week ahead.