Podcast # 611 – “Devil Girl From Mars” – 1611.20

This week guest host Mark is back with a look at the cult classic film from 1954 called “Devil Girl From Mars.”  Here are some words from the man himself on this cool movie.

Hello Everybody!
This is Mark Daniels from the Great Pacific Northwest.  I’m back this week with a science fiction cult classic.  Before there was “Mars Needs Women”, there was “Devil Girl From Mars.”  It stars Patricia Laffan, Hugh McDermott and Hazel Court.  This movie is a prime example of sci fi schlock.  It so bad, it’s good.  I hope you enjoy it.
Everyone take care…
Remember Mars needs Men!
This is M-5 signing off…
Big thanks to Mark for another fun podcast.  You can watch the whole movie down below for free too!  I’ll be back next weekend with another duo show with Jen as we discuss the “Enterprise” TV series together.  Until then take care and Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends and family out there!
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Rogue One – Final Full Trailer

This movie looks better and better with each new trailer and TV spot.  This is the second full trailer and it’s fantastic.  Really looking forward to seeing this movie next month.  May the Force Be With You!

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Star Trek Continues: “Embracing the Winds”

This is the latest “Star Trek Continues” Trek fan film that came out a couple months ago.  It’s really great and I hope we get more from this awesome crew.  Check it out below!

Podcast # 610 – “In the Cards” – 1611.13

This week it’s a classic style podcast with a look at a Trek episode and a collectible review too.  I first talk about and give my spoiler free review of “Doctor Strange” which came out in theaters last weekend.  I talk about the TV I’m watching and enjoying (especially the CW hero shows) and then I move on to the Trek episode.

The late season 5 episode of DS9 called “In the Cards” is a fun little story about Jake and Nog trying to acquire a rare, old baseball card for Jake’s dad, Captain Sisko.  There are a few other things going on in this episode but it’s mainly about getting the card and doing a lot of trading and interacting with the rest of the station crew.  I like this episode a lot and it’s a nice, light change of pace for this time in the series run and also a fun one to cover.

I then wrap up the podcast with a quick look at my new Captain America shield replica.  It’s an all metal shield and is full scale and awesome!  The quality of the one I got is very good and I’m super happy with it.  It’s made by Hasbro and is part of a new line of Marvel Legends collectible.  Click HERE to learn more and order your own.  I’ll post a pic below showing it off.  That’s it for this week.  Next week you will have a guest podcast.  Until next time take care and enjoy your week.


Podcast # 609 – John Jackson Miller – 1611.06

A couple months back Chris over on the excellent “Star Wars Stacks” podcast did an interview with author John Jackson Miller.  John writes “Star Wars” books and also Trek books too.  This interviewed focused more on his Trek books as he has a new trilogy series out now.  It’s a great chat and if you didn’t hear it on the Stacks podcast, well you can listen to it here now.  Thanks to Chris and the SWS team for sharing this one with me.

If you want to support the show, go over to Patreon HERE.  Gifts to patreon members are going out now so get in on this exclusive deal!  I’ll be back next week with a show covering the DS9 episode, “In the Cards.”  Until then take care and if you are in the US, enjoy voting this Tuesday which means this mess of an election is finally over!

Vidcast # 608 – Halloween – 1610.30

Halloween is one of my most favorite holidays. This year I did a special vidcast for all of you to celebrate.  I covered the classic, original “Dracula” film from 1931 starring Bela Lugosi.  This is a true classic film with some amazing atmosphere and some great lines of dialogue too.  I play some clips and talk about the movie.  Hope you enjoy this brief look at this cool movie.

Also, if you want to support the show go over to Patreon HERE and donate a dollar or two or three a month.  A special gift is going out this week to all Patreon members too – so now is the time to sign up!  Next week will be a special guest show featuring an interview with author John Jackson Miller done by Chris on the “Star Wars Stacks” podcast.  I hope everyone has a great Halloween.  Talk to you again soon and enjoy the vidcast below!

Podcast # 607 – “The Andromeda Strain” – 1610.23

This week guest host Mark is back with a look at another classic Sci-Fi film.  This time it’s “The Andromeda Strain” from 1971.  Here are some words from the man himself on this classic tale of science and Sci-Fi gone wild.

Hello Everybody!
This is Mark Daniels from the Great Pacific Northwest.  I’m back this week with another classic science fiction movie.  Today I’m going to look at “The Andromeda Strain”.  It stars Arthur Hill, David Wayne, James Olsen and Kate Reid.  It’s a great movie and I hope everyone enjoys the podcast. 

I’ll be back soon with another classic science fiction.
Until then…

This is Mark Daniels signing off…
Thanks again to Mark for covering this cool movie.  Next week I will be here with a special Halloween vidcast.  Until then enjoy your week ahead and stay safe out there.

Podcast # 606 – Trek Pilots – 1610.16

This week on the podcast I cover briefly all the various “Star Trek” pilot episodes from all the various Trek series.  First I start off with a quick rundown of the current TV I’m enjoying and watching for this new TV season (“Westworld” is awesome).  I also cover a little recent “Star Wars” and other Trek news before the main topic.  In looking over all the Trek pilots it was cool to see how things have changed and evolved.  Some of these are not even the greatest Trek episodes but they all set the stage for each series.  I play a few clips too and talk about each pilot episode.  Hope you enjoy this quick look at Trek pilots.

Next week Mark will be here with a look at the classic film, “The Andromeda Strain” and I’ll be back in 2 weeks with a special Halloween vidcast.  Until next time take care and enjoy your week.