Podcast # 599 – Skype Trek – 1608.29

Yesterday I recorded a fun Skype chat with several friends of the podcast.  We got together to talk about mainly summer films – especially “Star Trek Beyond” and a few others.  We also touched on the cool Netflix series “Stranger Things” and a few others topics.  Had a little power problem near the end of the show, but still a great time.  Big thanks to Jen, Angela, Bryan, Joe, and Rick Moyer for joining in on the fun!  You all rock!

Next week on Labor Day, Monday September 5th I will be doing my annual LIVE vidcast for show #600 and eleven years of doing the podcast.  The topic will be 50 years of “Star Trek.”  There will be contests, prizes and maybe some Rico dancing too!  Watch the Facebook group for the exact time and other info but I think it will be around 6-7pm EDT via Ustream again.  So, enjoy the rest of your week folks.

Podcast # 598 – King Arthur – Part Two – 1608.14

This week guest host Dave is back with his second part of his look at the legend of King Arthur.  This time out Dave covers King Arthur in movies and TV.  He covers some favorite appearances of this character and some to come still too.  A big thanks once again to Dave for both of his great podcasts.

I’m reworking the schedule a bit for the next couple of weeks since I’m probably not going to the Wizard World Chicago Comic Con (although I still might do that).  If I don’t go we will definitely be having a Skype chat soon about summer movies.  But as always, enjoy your week and come back soon to listen to the next Trek in Sci-Fi podcast!  If you like the show, consider supporting the podcast on Patreon HERE.  Thanks everyone for listening.

Podcast # 597 – “The Chase” – 1608.07

This week on the podcast it’s a classic style show once again.  I do an audio commentary on the sixth season TNG episode called “The Chase.”  But first, I give a mainly spoiler free review of the new “Suicide Squad” movie (preview – I liked it).  I talk about the film and give you my thoughts about why the critics are really wrong on this one.  I also talk some about the TV I’m watching (like “Stranger Things” on Netflix).  Then it’s on to the Trek episode.

The episode of TNG called “The Chase” is a pretty different type of episode.  It’s very straight forward and doesn’t have a “B story” either.  We get a different side of Picard and I like this one.  It’s an interesting idea and one that Trek has touched on a few times over various series.  Hope you like hearing the episode and my commentary.

Next week Dave will be back with part two of his King Arthur podcast series.  I might be switching up my plans after that show a little as I’m not sure I’ll be going to Wizard World in Chicago again this year due to a few things.  Anyway, thanks for listening once again everyone and enjoy your week ahead.

“Star Trek: Discovery” – teaser

Released at Comic Con last weekend – here is the first real look at the upcoming early 2017 new “Star Trek” series on CBS All-Access.  Lots of speculation on the web over the last week on the ship design and time frame for the new series.  It has been confirmed by Bryan Fuller that the series will be wet in the Prime (Original) Universe.  Current best guest is the series might be set between the Enterprise series and TOS – but not confirmed as of yet on that.  The CGI below is also just a prototype test look.  But I’m still excited that new Trek on TV is coming soon after over a decade wait.

YouTube Preview Image


Podcast # 596 – King Arthur – 1607.31

This week, new guest host Dave takes us on a journey through the legend and history of King Arthur.  Dave has a lot of knowledge on this fascinating character and delves in deep on this subject.  He plans to follow up this show with a second part a couple weeks from now.  So, I hope you enjoy this cool show and big thanks to Dave for putting a cool guest spot together for us.

I will return next week with a look at the TNG episode called “The Chase.”  Until then take care and enjoy your week.


Vidcast # 595 – “Star Trek Beyond” – 1607.25

This week it’s the big vidcast discussing the new Trek film, “Star Trek Beyond.”  I also had set a mini-goal for myself to have my new vidcast bridge set built and up for this – and I succeeded in that.  Big thanks to those that supported this effort via Patreon – you guys rock!  For the vidcast I talk some about all the cool news coming out of Comic Con this weekend – including a brief discussion and look at the 2017 Trek series, “Star Trek: Discovery.”  But the main topic is talking about the new Trek movie.

I very much enjoyed “Star Trek Beyond.”  I think it’s a very solid, fun, dramatic, and great summer Trek movie.  It has all the elements I want from a Trek film and I give a nearly spoiler free review of the movie.  I also get several video comments form you guys too – so thanks for those, I appreciate it a lot.  Again, this is a cool movie and I urge you to see it as soon as you can.

That’s about it for this time.  A new guest host will be here next week named Dave who will cover the legend of King Arthur in the first part of a two-part series he is doing for the podcast.  Until next time take care and go see Beyond!


Podcast # 594 – “The Day the Earth Stood Still” – 1607.17

This week on the podcast Mark review and discusses a truly classic Sci-Fi film from 1951 called “The Day the Earth Stood Still.”  Here are some words from the man himself on this great movie.

Hello Everybody!
This is Mark Daniels from the Great Pacific Northwest.  I’m back this week with another classic science fiction movie.  Today’s movie is one of the best science fiction movies of all time.  It’s The Day the Earth Stood Still.  It stars Michael Rennie, Patricia Neal and Hugh Marlowe.  This is a great movie and I hope everyone enjoys the podcast.  Remember these three word:  Klatuu Barada Nikto!  
I’ll be back soon with another classic science fiction movie.
Everyone take care…
This is M-5 signing off…


Great show about a great film.  Thanks much Mark for another cool guest spot.

I will be back next week with a vidcast on “Star Trek Beyond.”  Make sure to send me your short video reviews of the film for the show.  Until then, take care and have a great week!

Podcast # 593 – Recent Trek Film Music – 1607.10

I like movie music a lot – and Trek film music especially.  This week’s podcast covers the music of the last two Trek films and a little from “Star Trek Beyond” which premiere’s in just two weeks.  I start off talking about some recent Trek movie news, the “Sulu” controversy, and a few other items before getting to the main event.  The music of Michael Giacchino from the recent Trek movies is really great I think and I talk about the films, his music and play several selections from the soundtracks.  I think a great soundtrack can really make a movie special and very memorable.  It was fun to record this show and play some of this great music along with talking about (and playing) the new Rihanna song “Sledgehammer” that will be in the new film (probably during the credits).

I finish up the podcast with a quick look at the Batgirl Premium format statue I recently got from Sideshow Toys.  It’s an amazing piece, has a great application of pain and color, and I just love it.  Check out the picture below.  I think Sideshow might have sold out of this piece now, but you can try eBay.

That about wraps up things for this show.  Next week Mark will be here for a look at the classic film, “The Day the Earth Stood Still” from the 1950’s.  I’ll be back in two weeks for the big video podcast about “Star Trek Beyond.”  Be sure to send me a short video with your thoughts on the movie after you see it.  Take care until next time and enjoy your week.