Knights of the Dinner Table – Kickstarter


If you have ever been a table top gamer (or a gamer of any kind), there is a Kickstarter project going right now to fund a cool, live action web series based on the popular gaming comic, “Knights of the Dinner Table.”  I’ve read this comic for over 1o years and month to month it’s always great and takes me back to the days of rolling dice and table top gaming.  Check out their Kickstarter page HERE and the proposal short video they made in order to get this project going.  I really hope they meet their goals and this happens.  I so want to see this!  Donate now!



Podcast # 474 – “Kenobi” – 1402.02

This week, we have a special, and very cool cast.  Guest hosts:  Chris, Jen, and Joe cover the “Star Wars” novel, “Kenobi.”  This John Jackson Miller book is quite good and our guests spend some time going into great detail about the book, what they liked and enjoyed about it.  It’s fun to have some “Star Wars” covered on the podcast again and also great to be covering one of the expanded universe (EU) novels too.  I want to thank our guest hosts for doing a great job this week and I know everyone will really enjoy the podcast.  Chris can be heard with Rick Moyer on the Ragtag Fugitive Podcast.  You can hear more of Jen over on the Anomaly Podcast.  And Joe can be heard on his Upper Memory Block podcast.  Make sure to check out all their cool shows too.  I will be back next weekend with a look at the Voyager episode, “Infinite Regress.”  Take care until then and enjoy your week ahead too.

Podcast # 473 – DC Animated Films – 1401.26

A big topic this week as I tackle about 20 years of DC animated films.  Of course, I first start off the show with a little geek talk, Trek news and what I’ve been watching on TV and at the movies lately.  Almost too much to keep up with these days in the golden age of geekdom.  We also have a new music segment by Vartok this week too.  Then I move on to my list of DC animated movies.

I run down the list I found and play clips as I talk about each film a little bit.  In my view, these are just about all worth watching and some even surpass some live action comic book movies.  I give you my thoughts on the high points and my favorites in this cool group of movies that I have enjoyed for a long time.  Lately, about 2-3 films have come out each year and I hope this trend continues even as DC heats up the live action film scene too.  Even for non-comic readers I think there are some great movies to watch here.  Will from the forums also chimes in with his favorites and thoughts on this subject.  Hope you enjoyed this brief rundown of this film series and will check them out soon – if you haven’t already.  Next week, there will be a special guest cast covering the book, “Kenobi.”  I’ll talk to you again in two weeks and until then, stay safe out there in the Polar Vortex of 2014!

Podcast # 472 – “Destination Moon” – 1401.19

This week, guest host Mark Daniels is back with another look at a classic Sci-Fi film of the past.  This time out, it’s the 1950 classic “Destination Moon.”  This movie for the time was a pretty serious look at a trip to land on the Moon.  Here’s Mark with a few words about his podcast for this week:

“Happy New Year Everybody!  This is Mark Daniels from the Great Pacific Northwest.  I’m back this week with another classic science fiction movie.   This week I’ll take a look at one of the pioneers of the 1950′s sci fi genre.  It’s George Pal’s “Destination Moon!”  This is a great movie and I hope you will enjoy it.  Take care everyone.  This is M-5 signing off.”

Thanks again for another cool podcast looking at another Sci-Fi film from the early days of the Golden Age of SF film cinema.  A true classic and one every geek should see once at least.  You can even watch the complete film HERE via Youtube.  Check it out!  I’ll return next week with a look at the large subject of the DC comic universe of animated films.  Until then take care and enjoy your week!

Podcast # 471 – “Galaxy’s Child” – 1401.12

This week I’m back with one of our classic style podcasts.  I cover the 4th season TNG episode called “Galaxy’s Child.”  This is a fun one and kind of a follow up episode to “Booby Trap.”  First, I chat a little about the crazy weather of the last week or so here and in much of the country.  Then I cover what new stuff I’ve been watching on TV and at the movies.  We have lots of genre stuff to see these days with some new series starting and old ones coming back for new seasons.  Plenty out there to enjoy for all.  We have another cool music moment segment by Vartok covering some “Life of Pi” film music (thanks Vartok).  Then I move on to the Trek episode for the week.

The episode “Galaxy’s Child” has two stories going on.  The main story is when the real Dr. Leah Brahms comes aboard the Enterprise and Geordi gets to meet his former holodeck girl.  The other story involves a space faring creature that the ships comes across and has to help it’s newborn baby after the mother dies in an accident.  This is really a solid episode and fun to see again.  I do love it when Geordi tries to get the girl and the whole story works well together as both Dr. Brahms and Geordi have to work together to solve the crisis going on around them.  Really great stuff and Rick Moyer shares his thoughts and also a brand new rocking song for us too!  Thanks much Rick for that.  Find more of his parody stuff (including this new one) HERE.

Great to be back in the saddle with a classic show this week.  I play a promo for a new podcast called “The Rusted Robot” that you can find HERE.  Next week guest host Mark will be here covering the classic Sci-Fi film, “Destination Moon.”  Until next time, take care and enjoy your week ahead.

“Kitumba” – new Trek Fan Film now out!


A brand new “Star Trek” fan film from the Phase II gang (formerly called ‘New Voyages’) just released a few days ago a brand new episode called:  ”Kitumba.”  This is a great episode, featuring heavily on the Klingons and their relations with the Federation.  The effects a superb, the story is solid and the acting is just fine.  I really enjoy this tale set in the original TOS era and I think you will too.  So, enjoy it for free below and enjoy this latest fan film from this great group of people.

Podcast # 470 – Year in Review – 1401.05

Rick Moyer this week does his annual year in review show where he looks back and talks about all the cool podcasts for TSF from the past year.  I really enjoy these shows and it helps give me a good overall view of what we all did this past year on the podcast (and I say we because about half these shows are from guest hosts who have been doing a fantastic job).  Rick talks a bit about each podcast, plays some clips and music and just does a great job in covering the past year on TSF.  Big thanks again to you Rick for doing this each year.  I will be back here next weekend with a look at the TNG episode “Galaxy’s Child” and the first classic cast of 2014.  Hope everyone is rested up from the holidays and our crazy weather doesn’t have you down too much.  Take care until next time and enjoy your week.

“Desolation of Smaug” – is lots of fun!

I saw the second part to “The Hobbit” trilogy of films a couple weeks back and it was great.  I wasn’t a huge fan of all the additions and changes Peter Jackson is making with these films, but pputting that aside this movie is just a great thrill ride.  Really loved being back in that world and enjoyed the new content too.  The 3-D was pretty useless but I still saw it in IMAX anyway.  Go see this in the theaters – it’s a really good time!