Podcast # 496 – “Flight to Mars” – 1407.13

This week, Mark is back as a guest host to cover the Sci-Fi classic film, “Flight to Mars.”  I love these classic reviews and movies and this is another gem.  Here are some words from the man himself on his most recent guest podcast.

“Hello everybody!  It’s Mark Daniels from the Great Pacific Northwest.  I’m back this week with a science fiction adventure movie.  It’s Flight to Mars from 1951.  It stars Marguerite Chapman and Cameron Mitchell.  If you like the Flash Gordon serials, you will love this movie.  I hope you enjoy it.  
Everyone have a great week.
This is M-5 signing off….

Thanks again for doing another great show Mark.  I will be back next weekend with a look at the film, “The Golden Voyage of Sinbad.”  Take care everyone until then and enjoy your summer week.

Podcast # 495 – “End Game” – 1407.06

This week on the podcast I cover the final episode of Voyager on this classic style podcast. I’ll be looking at the feature length finale of Voyager called “End Game” on this episode. First up, I cover what’s been going with me and what is up in the world of geekdom. I briefly talk about what I thought of the new “Transformers” film that I saw last week.  I also talk about some recent Trek and “Star Wars” news too (get well soon Mr. Ford).  A few other topics come up and then it’s on to the Voyager coverage.

I play some select clips from the Voyager finale and I discuss some behind the scenes stuff about the episode. I think it was a very good wrap up for the series and had some cool stuff going on. It’s always fun to see a time travel story and one where we get to see the actors/characters from different times is a lot of fun too. It’s hard to please everyone in a series finale but I think this one turned out really well (just a little rushed at the very end). I’m glad I decided to cover this one as it gave me a chance to revisit this fun episode.

That’s about it for this week. Next week Mark will be here with a look at the classic SF film called, “Flight to Mars.” Until then take care and enjoy your week ahead.

Podcast # 494 – Ships of the Empire – 1406.29

This week the “Star Wars” ship boys are back with a look at the ships of the Imperial Navy.  Yeah, those awesome ships of the Empire that pursue the rebels during the saga.  Here are some comments from Rick Moyer and the guys on their podcast.

Rick, Bryan, Joe and Jeff are back with another look at ships from Star Wars. This time we look into the ships of the Empire’s Imperial Navy. We cover Tie Fighters, Star Destroyers and Imperial Shuttles. We talk a bit about the specs, history of the ships, production information, and in universe facts about them. It was a fun talk, and everyone shared what they liked about these ships.

Here are some links for some more information on the ships covered

Thanks guys for doing another awesome show.  I’ll be back next weekend with a big podcast on the final Voyager episode called “End Game.”  Take care until then and for those in the US, enjoy the upcoming 4th of July holidays!


“Star Trek: Continues – Fairest of them All”

The latest fan film from this terrific group premiered about a week ago and is called:  “Fairest of them All.”  It’s a direct sequel to the classic TOS episode, “Mirror, Mirror” and picks up right after the end of that episode.  They’ve really nailed the look, feel, and just about everything from TOS for this one folks.  I very much enjoyed watching it and I think you will too.  It’s really wonderful to be getting basically new episodes of TOS over the last several years from the various fan film groups out there.  So, sit back and enjoy the episode below.  It’s terrific and very entertaining!

Podcast # 493 – TV Recap – 1406.22

This week on the podcast the dynamic duo of Rico & Chris return to discuss some of their favorite genre TV shows from this past TV season.  We definitely have spoilers in this podcast as we cover shows such as:  “Game of Thrones”, “Arrow”, and “Marvel Agents of SHIELD” as well as a few other genre series.  Talking about “Game of Thrones” was a lot of fun since this series is kind of a love/hate thing for many viewers (including myself).  Both of us share our thoughts on the past season and the future of the series.  We both also enjoy comics a lot so talking about “Arrow” was cool and we share some thoughts on comics in general and the various upcoming series for next season.  There’s a lot more on this Skype call that Chris and I recorded the other night, but I want you to listen & enjoy it for yourselves.  Again, many spoilers abound on this one folks.  And next week the “Star Wars” ship guys will be here with a look at some of the Imperial ships we all love to hate.  Take care until then and enjoy your week ahead.

“Edge of Tomorrow” is terrific!


I saw this new sci-fi film with Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt recently and really enjoyed it.  The story is very cool, the cast is excellent, and it looks amazing too.  Lots of action with a very solid story about an alien invasion, time travel, and even a little romance tossed in as well.  This is that rare summer film that is not a sequel or prequel or something that has no story and is just all action – no, this is something more than that.  Make sure to see this one in the theaters.  I know you will enjoy it.

“Star Trek: Axanar” – trailer


Amazing talent, top notch production values and what appears to be a very interesting story all make me very excited for this new fan film coming soon.  Make sure to notice all the “Star Trek” and “Battlestar Galactica” actors in this one.  Check out the trailer below and be prepared to be blown away.  Looks incredible.  Make sure to watch it in HD.  Enjoy!

Podcast # 492 – “UFO” – 1406.15

This week guest host Don Ricardo returns to the show with a look at the 1970’s Gerry Anderson series, “UFO.”  I never really watched this series on a regular basis so I’m happy to have Don cover it for the podcast.  Here are some podcast notes from him on this cult classic TV show.

Hello, Treks In Sci-Fi fans!
  It is my great honor and pleasure to take the conn once again, guest hosting episode #492, where we will cover Gerry and Sylvia Anderson’s iconic 1970 tv series “UFO”.  I present the first episode of the show, “Identified”, as well as some behind-the-scenes clips featuring the actors and producers. Here is a synopsis of the series, from the great website ufoseries.com:
“In the year 1980, a secret military organization named SHADO (Supreme Headquarters Alien Defense Organisation) becomes operational. Its purpose is to defend the Earth from Aliens who’ve been coming to Earth and kidnapping humans. It is believed that these Aliens are a dying race, and are transplanting human body parts to extend their own lifespans.
SHADO’s main headquarters is hidden beneath a film studio near London England. SHADO also has a base on the moon (Moonbase) and a fleet of submarines (Skydiver). Incoming UFO’s are initially detected by an Earth orbiting satellite named SID (Space Intruder Detector). An initial interception attempt is made in space with three Interceptor craft launched from Moonbase. A second attempt is made in the Earth’s atmosphere with a fighter plane (Sky One) launched from Skydiver. Landed UFO’s are tracked down with ground Mobiles.
SHADO is run by the extremely dedicated Commander Ed Straker, and is overseen by General James Henderson. Straker’s seconds in command are Col. Alec Freeman, Col. Paul Foster, and Col. Virginia Lake. Moonbase is often commanded by Lt. Gay Ellis or Lt. Nina Barry. Skydiver is often commanded by Capt. Peter Carlin or Capt. Lew Waterman.
The episodes are typically about SHADO’s attempts to thwart the Alien invasions, and the various Alien strategies to disable SHADO or kill its commander. Recurring themes include maintaining SHADO security, keeping SHADO properly funded, and the effect that the secrecy has on the personal lives of SHADO’s operatives.”
So strap into your Interceptor or Skydiver and follow along as Moonbase and Space Intruder Detector (SID) track the alien menace for SHADO to seek and destroy!
I dedicate this podcast to my family, and good friend William Oehlmann. We’ve sought the stars together,  keep looking up!
Ad Aspera Per Aspera.  Peace and long life,
Don Ricardo JR
I want to thank Don for doing a guest spot this week.  I will be back next weekend with Chris Clemente and we will be covering the past TV season for all the genre shows that we enjoyed this last year.  Take care until then and enjoy your week ahead.
And here is episode one of the “UFO” series on Youtube: