“Starship: Republic” – New Fan Film

A new fan film series is coming called “Starship: Republic.”  They are currently looking for funding HERE.  Learn more about them on their Facebook page HERE and watch their first vignette below.

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Podcast # 624 – “Queen of Outer Space” – 1702.19

This week Mark Daniels returns with another classic Sci-Fi movie of the past.  Here are some words from the man himself on his latest podcast.

Hello Everybody!
This is Mark Daniels from the Great Pacific Northwest.  I’m back this week with another classic science fiction movie.  Today’s movie is “Queen of Outer Space”, starring Zsa Zsa Garbor and Eric Fleming from 1958.  It’s the old story of Earthmen who crash land on a planet populated by beautiful amazon women, who are ruled by an evil queen.  It’s a fun movie and it has Zsa Zsa Garbor.  She put the sex, in sex appeal.  I hope you all enjoy it.
I’ll be back soon with another classic science fiction movie.  
Until then…
Take care…
This is M-5 signing off…
Thanks again Mark for another cool podcast.  I’ll be back next weekend with a look back at the year 1991 in movies & TV.  Until next time take care and enjoy your week.


Vidcast # 623 – 2017 Movie Preview – 1702.12

This week a vidcast previewing all the cool movies coming in 2017.  I cover about six or so films I’m really looking forward to the most (yeah there are others I want to see too that I didn’t talk about).  Basically these are some great looking films and I’m excited to see them all and the rest this year too.  So grab some popcorn and enjoy the vidcast!

Podcast # 622 – “The Pegasus” – 1702.05

This week guest host Rick Moyer is here with a look at the TNG episode called “The Pegasus.”  Here are some comments from Rick about this week’s show.

Hey everyone!  This is Rick Moyer and I get the honor of sharing Treks In Sci Fi with you this week.  I start out and catch you up with what I have been up too, then I talk about Star Trek Discovery and play the behind the scenes promo.  Then I do a full commentary on Star Trek TNG “The Pegasus” from the 7th season of TNG.  I share some cool little tidbits of info and share my favorite parts of the episode.  At the end of the podcast I give you a FREE song that I wrote and have on iTunes called “So Many Moons”  Enjoy the music and I will see you next time on TREKS IN SCI-FI!  For my Star Trek Parody songs visit: http://www.startrekparodies.com    Thanks Rico!

Big thanks to Rick for doing another awesome guest spot for all of us!  Next week I will be back as I preview all the great movies in 2017 we have coming to enjoy.  Until then take care and enjoy your week.

Podcast # 621 – Trek Vault – 1701.29

This week I talk almost all about Trek and focus on a couple things.  The main show is my review and comments on “The Roddenberry Vault” 3-disc set.  I also bring everyone up to speed on the latest about “Star Trek: Discovery.”  I first talk a little about my recent work travel and cover some of my favorite recent TV and some movies I have seen (I’m especially enjoying the time travel new series called “Timeless”).  Then I move on to talk about the Vault.  It’s pretty cool to see new little clips and snippets from TOS after over 50 years since it aired.  The three disc set most is made up of 12 episodes they focus on and comments from various Trek experts and some who worked on the original series.  Some nice documentaries and the clips are great to see.  I do wish they had been a bit more extra footage show and feel the set is a little padded with the 12 episodes included.  While that was nice to have, most of us have these episodes already on various formats.  For a TOS fan this is a must buy.

I wrap up the podcast with a round up of the cast and news we know about the new “Discovery” series.  The show has been delayed once again to an unknown time (my guess is fall to late 2017).  I’m excited by the idea of new Trek and looking forward to learning more about the series.  They certainly have a very diverse cast selected.  That’s about it for this week.  Next week Rick Moyer will be here to cover the TNG episode called “The Pegasus.”  Until next time take care and be careful out there.

Podcast # 620 – “Rogue One” Ships – 1701.22

This week the ships team is back with Jedi Jeff, Bryan, and Chris talking about the spaceships of “Rogue One.”  The guys cover the various new craft we see in this film and give their thoughts and views on them and more.  Cool discussion about the cool new stuff seen in the latest “Star Wars” film.  Big thanks to this week’s guest hosts – you guys rock!  Also, don’t forget that if you enjoy the podcast each week you can support the show via Patreon HERE.  I will be back next week with a look at the new “Roddenberry Vault” Blu-Ray set and some other Trek talk too.  Take care and enjoy your week ahead.

Podcast # 619 – “Dracula vs. Hitler” – 1701.15

This week I got together with my friend Jen from the Anomaly Podcast once again and this time we cover & review the book, “Dracula vs. Hitler” by Patrick Sheane Duncan.  We start off the show talking a bit more about “Rogue One” after both having seen it twice now.  We also talk a little about the new film, “Passengers” that is out now in theaters.  Then we move on to our book review.  We talk about the characters, story and overall presentation of this cool book and what we thought about the various elements and so on.  There are some spoilers of course, but we don’t give away a ton of the story.  A very fun discussion of a few topics this week.  Next week guest host Jedi Jeff will be here with a look at the ships of “Rogue One” for all of you.  Until then take care and enjoy your week.

“Star Trek Discovery” – Lead Actress Picked

The lead actress for “Star Trek Discovery” has been cast and it’s Sonequa Martin-Green of “The Walking Dead” cast.  The talk goes that she will not be playing ‘the Captain’ but probably the First Officer of the main ship for this newest Trek show set to premiere this coming May.  I’m excited by this casting and she seems to be a solid actress from what I have seen on TV.  Other cast members are being locked in too as well.  The show seems to be centering a lot on the Klingons and a possible Klingon Civil War.  Time will tell if this new Trek series can live up to the others in the franchise.  I’m excited to see new Trek on TV after almost 12 years of only a few movies for Trek.