My Interactive Resume Site

In my continued efforts to find a new position of employment, I have used my web skills and created a brand new website.  This is an online, interactive resume that showcases my background, education, work experiences and much more.  So anyone out there looking to hire someone with a solid science and chemistry background along with a person who is a strong communicator with excellent computer skills – give me a call!  I’m willing to relocate if the right opportunity comes up as well.  But I’d prefer to stay in the Michigan area – if possible.  Click the picture above to visit the new site, or just got to:

Podcast Schedule Update

Here’s another update for what’s coming up on the weekly podcast.  Lot’s to cover as we get closer to the big May opening of the “Star Trek” movie.  Going to have some fun shows and have lots to talk about.  Feel free also to drop a review over on iTunes for the podcast when you can.  That would be most appreciated.  Thanks as always for listening each and every week and don’t forget to donate to the podcast – if you would like to help support the show.

April 5th:  Skype Call show

April 12th:  “Star Trek: Nemesis”

April 19th:  Guest Host Surprise

April 26th:  TOS – “The Menagerie”

May 3rd:  Pre-Movie Party – Trek Hopes & Thoughts

May 10th or 11th:  “STAR TREK” – the new movie (vidcast)

New T-Shirts for Sale!

I’m again, offering a new run of t-shirts for sale.  Similar to what I have done before, but with a bit more print detail.  I think these will be really sharp and fun to wear to the new movie in May!  I’ll take orders for the next couple of weeks.  You can order your specific size and I’ll ship international too.  Click the picture above or the link HERE to order yours now and look sharp this spring and summer at all the cool movies and cons!

-edit (4/1/2009):  Thanks to all that ordered.  The bulk order is now placed so no more shirt orders can be accepted at this time. – new site!

I’ve got one other fairly new web site now up.  It’s called  The idea here is to share some older genre video with all of you that isn’t really out on DVD and so forth.  Captured on old VHS tapes and digitized for your viewing pleasure.  I’ve got a fair amount of content up so far and a little more to be added every few days.  I hope you’ll check it out soon, and tell your friends about it.  If you like what you see and can help the site out with a small donation, that would be great.  There is a link on the main page there.  So go see it all right now!

“Job for a Hero”

I started a web comic!  You can find it over at  Some things in my personal life have happened lately and I decided to do something constructive with what’s been on my mind.  I hope you will check it out.  Here’s a sample of the first comic that I posted to give you a feel for it.  Click the link to see more.  Updates 2-3 times a week for right now.  And tell your friends all about it!

Podcast Schedule Update

It’s about that time to update the coming week’s schedule for the podcast.  I have some fun things in store for all of you over the next several weekend’s.  The usual Trek episode coverage, movie news, and some special event shows.  As always, the schedule is subject to change but it will probably stay pretty much on target….
2/8:   Star Trek: Insurrection
2/15:  VOY – “Dark Frontier” I & II
2/22:  ENT – “First Flight”
3/1:   Special – The Matrix Trilogy
3/8:   Guest Host Darmok – “Buckaroo Banzai”
3/15:  TNG – “Second Chances”

Happy 2009!

Happy 2009 and here is what you can expect from the podcast over the next several weekends.  We have a lot of great things coming in 2009 and lots of fun and interesting things to see and talk about.  I hope you stay with the show as we head towards May and the release of the new “Star Trek” movie.  The best is yet to come!

Jan. 4th – Guest host Jeff & Earth 2
Jan. 11th – DS9 – “Apocalypse Rising”
Jan. 18th – Western Sci-Fi
Jan. 25th – TOS – Spectre of the Gun
Feb. 1st – movie – ST: Insurrection
Feb. 8th – Guest hosts Kenny & others for Doctor Who

LIVE Web Cam Podcast 12/28!

I will be recording the podcast this weekend LIVE and streaming video of the show starting at about 2pm on Dec. 28th.  It will be a look back at all the great Sci-Fi entertainment in 2008 and maybe a little look ahead to 2009.  There will be a couple of contests and maybe a few surprise guest appearances.  So come back here at that time.  I will have details posted on the main page on how to view the show (most likely via Ustream).  See you all then! Link below: