Podcast # 702 – “Discovery Pilot” – 1810.14

Hi folks!  This week I’m back with a classic style show as I cover the first two episodes of season one of of “Star Trek: Discovery” that basically serve as the pilot for the series.  I first talk a bit about my recent TV and movie watching as the new TV season has begun.  I also give a brief, spoiler free review of the new movie “Venom” that I just saw last night.  Lots of geek stuff going on these days as we head more into fall.

Then I get into the first two episodes of DISCO.  The first episode is called “The Vulcan Hello” and the second episode “Battle at the Binary Stars” which I cover quickly with some audio clips and comments from me.  I feel these episodes introduce the series well, but are actually a lot different than other episodes from season one.  But it’s fun to go back and look at these episodes again and I do enjoy them.  

That’s about it for this week.  Next week should be a guest podcast and I will return in two weeks with a special Halloween vidcast.  Until next time, take care and enjoy your week.

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Podcast # 701 – “Ferengi Marauder with Jedi Jeff” – 1810.07

This week Jedi Jeff is back in the center seat with a cool new podcast.  Jeff looks at in detail the Ferengi Marauder ship as first seen in TNG.  He talks about details of the ship and other fun facts.  Jeff also talks about the recent announcement about the now filming new live action “Star Wars” TV series called “The Mandalorian” that looks to be very western in style and obviously focuses in on the Mandalorians.  Jeff also discusses his huge, UCS Millennium Falcon ship that he has been building for some time now.  Big thanks to Jeff for doing this week’s guest spot.

Next week I will be here to talk about the first two “Star Trek: Discovery” episodes from season one as we move closer to season two (a new season two trailer just came out HERE).  Take care until next time and enjoy your week.

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Vidcast # 700 – BIG Show Number 700 – 1809.30

This week it’s big show number 700!  I did another LIVE streaming show on Twitch.  You can find that on Twitch HERE (for a short time) or watch it below on Vimeo too.  I really have enjoyed doing these shows for over 13 years now and hope you have enjoyed them too.  I talk about some cool and classic scenes in Trek during this vidcast and also read you kind of a kids Trek book too.  Anyway, thanks for watching and tuning in all these many years for those who have been around for awhile – you Rock!!!

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Podcast # 699 – “Wing Commander” – 1809.23

This week it’s a guest podcast about the “Wing Commander” games.  Joe from the “Upper Memory Block Podcast” is joined by Brian from the “Space Game Junkie Podcast” to talk all about “Wing Commander II” and other games in this classic series.  I do miss the “Wing Commander” games and these guys have a fun talk all about the games.  There is a brief bit of adult language in this show – just so you know.

Next week will be big, show number 700 and I’m going to stream a LIVE show on Twitch again for that.  Probably be on Sunday, September 30th in the afternoon (watch the Facebook Group for details HERE).  You can find me on Twitch as Ricotrek HERE.

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Thanks for listening and have a great week!

Podcast # 698 – “Infinity War” – 1809.16

This week I got together with Chris Clemente over Skype to discuss “Avengers: Infinity War” as well as other topics.  The movie is a few months out now and also available on home video so if you haven’t watched it yet – well, you should have because it’s a great movie.  We talk about the film and the other Marvel film series too.  We talk about some of our favorite moments and why this movie works so well.  We also talk some about the troubles in the DC film series and the recent talk about the possibility of them recasting Superman – maybe.  And we hit on the new DC Universe streaming service that both Chris and I have signed up for and are trying out now.  We cover a lot of ground in 90 minutes of chatting and I hope you enjoy it.  Bug thanks to Chris for joining in this week.  Make sure to check out his “Star Wars Stacks” podcast that he does with Jen & Joe.

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Take care all and have a nice week.

Podcast # 697 – “The Last Starfighter” – 1809.09

This week Mark guest covering a favorite film of mine that I also covered back in 2011 on Podcast #346 on the podcast and it’s:  “The Last Starfighter.”  This is a great fun, cool, 80’s film that is still great to watch.  Here are some words from Mark about this classic film.

Hello Everybody!
This is Mark Daniels from the Great Pacific Northwest.  I’m back this week with another classic science fiction movie.  Today’s movie is a modern day classic.  It’s “The Last Starfighter” from 1984.  It stars Lance Guest, Catherine Mary Stewart, Dan O’Herlihy and Robert Preston.  It the classic hero’s journey.  A story about a boy from nowhere going on a quest to save the universe.  It’s great movie!  I hope everyone enjoys it!
I’ll be back soon with another classic science fiction movie.
Until then…
Everyone take care…
This is M-5 signing off…
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Vidcast # 696 – 13th Anniversary Show – 1809.02

Today I celebrated 13 years of doing my Treks in Sci-Fi Podcast.  Little did I know back in 2005 how much this show would become a part of my life, how many cool new folks I would meet online (and in person) because of doing the show.  Mainly it’s been a lot of fun (and a lot of work at times too).  I hope you enjoy watching this live show where I talk about comics, books and cons I’ve been too.  Didn’t have that many tune into the Twitch live stream which is probably due to the holiday weekend here and other things but I still had a fun time doing it.  So, here’s the cast in case you missed it.  Next week will be a guest podcast.  If you want to support the show, go to PATREON to do so.  Thanks and here’s to the next year of the podcast!

Podcast # 695 – Casual Show – 1808.19

This week I did a more casual and shorter podcast just to catch up some recent things.  I talked about a new Comic Con in Michigan that my old son and I attended yesterday.  I also talk about the TV series “12 Monkeys” that just had it’s finale for the series and I talk a bit about other TV and movies too.  And I touch on a few other subjects as well this week such as “World of Warcraft” and some collectible talk too.  Just a fun, casual, grab bag kind of podcast and I hope you enjoy it.  

Next week will be a guest cast and I’ll be back in two weeks with a big, 13th Anniversary live Vidcast on September 2nd.  Until next time enjoy your week and take care.

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