Podcast #920 – “Grab Bag” – 2311.26

This week I just talk about several topics. I start off with my comments on the MCU and the latest offering called “The Marvels.” I also cover the recent movie “The Creator” as well as several TV series I’ve been watching. And I wrap up the show about what we can expect from “Star Trek” and “Star Wars” in the coming year and beyond. Fun show and glad to be back this week podcasting.

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Podcast #919 – “Ahsoka” – 2311.12

This week I got together with my friend Joe to talk all about the “Ahsoka” TV series. It ended a bit more than a month ago and there are some spoilers in this so you have been warned. Really fun talking with Joe about this latest cool “Star Wars” TV series. More coming in 2024 and beyond of course. Hope you enjoy our discussion.

Next week might be a new show, but not sure yet. Still working out the schedule for the next few weeks. Hope everyone is well and take care until next time.

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Podcast #918 – Halloween Vidcast – 2310.29

A brand new vidcast is now up for Halloween. I talk werewolves and other spooky things this week. Hope you enjoy the new vidcast. I’ll be back in two weeks with a new show.


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Podcast #917 – NYCC 2023 – 2310.15

This week a little change in plans. I cover the news coming out of New York Comic Con 2023. First up, I talk about the usual type of stuff and a recent trip to a wedding in Atlanta. Also a bit on recent movies and TV too. Next, I cover the news coming out of NYCC 2023. Mainly I reference this article HERE and comment on some of the upcoming geeky content coming soon. Not a huge bunch of announcements really in my view but a few fun things to look forward too. Also some news on “Star Trek: Prodigy” getting new home – which is great news! Hope you enjoyed this podcast.

Next week will be either guest podcast or I’ll be back with another show and in two weeks it’s the annual Halloween vidcast. Take care until then and enjoy your week.

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Podcast #916 – “Observer Effect” – 2310.01

Brand new, classic style show with a look at an episode from season 4 of “Star Trek: Enterprise.” First, I talk some about what I’ve been watching and other topics. By the way “Meg 2” was a lot of fun!

The episode “Observer Effect” is from season 4 and near the end of the series. It’s a cool “bottle-ship” episode with the crew dealing with a deadly virus while being observed by aliens who can inhabit a human host. Fun episode to watch with you and comment on.

Next weekend I will be out of town at a wedding so it will be a skip week. In two weeks I plan to do a show talking about the “Ahsoka” TV series. Until next time take care and enjoy the next couple of weeks.

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Podcast #915 – “SW – Read Along” – 2309.24

This week I delve back into “Star Wars” audio records and cassettes. I take a look at the “Star Wars” read along book and play it for you from this LINK HERE. They did these for all the original trilogy and other “Star Wars” films as well. Really fun to listen to these with the different voices and so on. I also talk about other geeky topics as well, especially some comments about the TOMY diecast original Enterprise model. Hope you enjoy this podcast.

I’ll be back next weekend with another show. Until next time, enjoy the week ahead and stay safe.

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Vidcast #914 – LIVE 18th Anniversary – 2309.10

I did a LIVE stream via Twitch earlier today to celebrate 18 years of the “Treks in Sci-Fi” podcast. It was a fun show and I talked about several things such a the recent “Star Trek Day” and cons and the strikes too. Hope you enjoy the show.

Next week should be a guest cast – hopefully. Until next time enjoy the week ahead.

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Podcast #913 – Dylan Trek – 2309.03

My buddy Dylan and I got together on skype last week to discuss recent conventions and a lot of “star Trek” too. We touch on the strikes in Hollywood and even talk a little “Ahsoka” as well. Really fun chat and big thanks to Dylan for joining me.

Typically I do an anniversary LIVE show over Labor Day weekend, but I’m pushing it to next weekend, on September 10th at 1pm eastern time. Got a lot of home projects I’m in the middle of so I’m doing the LIVE show next week. Should be lots of fun and some contests too. Maybe even cake! The show will be on Twitch HERE. So until next time take care and enjoy your week.