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Fan Focus for all of Show # 76

The midweek show is dedicated to a long fan focus segment. I even found a much improved way to record my Skype calls that sounds tons better than in the past for this show.
Direct download here:

For this show I spend a long time chatting with Amy Ulen (Chrystabel from the Forums). She is a long time TREK fan and has some very interesting and amazing stories to pass on. We talk TREK, Shakespeare, conventions and conferences. Amy also describes in detail her winning a “Star Trek: Enterprise” walk-on role a couple of years back and all that involved. She also has written for Star as well as a great blog for the 40th anniversary of TREK (see links). Below is a picture of Amy when she had her walk-on part in the 3rd season finale of Enterprise.

I had a great time discussing many different subject and ideas with Amy. I thank her greatly for taking the time last weekend to do this recording.

Some links we mention on the podcast:

Shakespeare High

Planet Expo 40th Anniversary Blog

Star Convention Report by Amy: Part 1

Star Convention Report by Amy: Part 2

Star Trek: Of Gods and Men

Thanks everyone for listening to this fun chat.

Corbomite contained on Podcast # 75

This weekends show covers one of my all-time favorite episodes of Star Trek.  It’s called “The Corbomite Maneuver.”
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I start with the normal announcements and information.  This week we have a special book review by Joby on the forums.  Thanks much for doing this audio review Joby, I really liked having it for the show.  Then we get into to the TREK episode discussion and commentary.

The episode is the first regular “Star Trek” episode ever filmed, not counting the two pilots for the show that were made.  It deals with an alien ship that almost seems unstoppable to Kirk and crew.  They are many fine moments throughout this episode and I highlight them with the usual audio clips and commentary.
For the collectible segment, I review the Mara Jade Mini-bust made by Gentle Giant.  This is a great item and was an exclusive piece to Gen Con this past summer.  I’m really tempted now to get more mini-busts in this line and others.

I announce at the end of the show what’s coming up on the next couple of podcasts (including a great Fan Focus segment that will be released this coming Wednesday).

There are also a couple of contests that are mentioned.  One being exclusive to forum members only.  So check out the forums at and join in the fun!

Have a great week everyone and thanks for listening as always!

A long “Voyager” for show # 74

The show this week contains my first look at “Star Trek: Voyager” – finally!
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Yes, I finally spend some time with lots of audio snippets from the first episode of “Voyager” called “The Caretaker.” This is the first episode in the series and introduces us to all of the main cast.

But, I start the podcast with a few very nice audio voicemails from listeners on a variety of subjects. I also give my 2 cents on the first episode just released of the new ‘Enhanced’ Star Trek TOS episodes recently broadcast. It seems a lot more is going on with Trek every day!

I really enjoyed looking at the Voyager pilot episode again after so much time. It holds up well, I think. The cast is solid and the characters are interesting. It’s also fun to see how the show began knowing where it ended up seven seasons later. I will definitely be looking at more “Voyager” episodes in the near future.
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I wrap up the podcast with our first ever “Fan Focus” feature featuring Joby from the forums. I hope you enjoy it. If you are interested in having a chat with me for an upcoming Focus segment, shoot me an email at:

Check this link to SAVE SURFACE!

That should just about do it for this week. As usual, thanks for listening.

40 years of “TREK” for Podcast #73

This week I attempt to cover the entire history of Trek on screen.
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I decided to celebrate 40 years of “Star Trek” with a podcast that covers the entire timeline of the show, in order as seen on TV and at the movies. It’s a quick run through but it will give you an idea of just how much Trek there has been over the many years it’s been showing. I mainly focus on all the movies and series that have come, but there also have been hundreds of books, magazines, comics, and a ton of merchandise over the past 40 years from the show.
The show has of course meant a lot to me and many other people. If you want to read some individual account of this (including my own tale), check out this blog HERE.

I don’t get a chance to cover much in the way of collectibles this week but I’ll put a couple of links below to some notable newer items on sale now.

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Thanks for joining me again for another podcast this week. Talk to you again soon.


Gold handled anniversary phaser

Kirk in Captain’s chair figure

Original crew figures in Mirror Universe uniforms

One Year Anniversary of the podcast for #72!

The show this week was recorded live while I ran a web cam to the Net for the show fans to watch.
Direct download here:

This show was mainly to celebrate the one year anniversary of me doing the podcast. I thank all the fans of the show for making it a great year!
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I talk about how the show has changed a bit and evolved some over the last year to where it is now.
The main Trek topic is a look at the first pilot of the show called, “The Cage.” A great episode that was later built into the two-parter, “The Menagerie.”

This is a great episode and a look at a Star Trek that might have been. One with a very different look, crew and Captain in charge. I really like the story and what Gene was saying about reality vs. fantasy. It has some of the best and coolest aliens ever on Trek as well, the Talosians. A very well done episode.

I do a few contests with those watching the live show. I give away some action figures and a T-shirt too. Good fun!

I also slip in a quick review of the latest FX lightsaber from Master Replicas. This is the Obi-Wan saber as seen in Episode 3. It is LED driven and a very bright blue color with great sound effects. Definitely the best one MR has done so far!

Click the picture below to see more:

Thanks for listening and especially thanks to those that watched on the web cam! I’ll talk to you again next week.