More cool podcasts coming

I have updated the schedule again, listing more cool podcasts and subjects I will be covering in the weeks ahead.  I try to keep things fresh and mix up the various subjects and topics over the weeks.  Hopefully there will be some things that peak your interest.  I know I’m looking forward to continuing to cover the latest in Sci-Fi entertainment and Trek news as we enter the fall TV season.  Lots of good stuff ahead so I hope you stay tuned and listen each week to the “Treks in Sci-Fi” podcast!

Schedule update:

Sept. 13th: VOY – “Body & Soul”
Sept. 20th:  “Alien” films
Sept. 27th: Trek Fan Films (vidcast)
Oct.  4th:   ENT – “Singularity”
Oct. 11th:  “Free Enterprise” – guest cast w/Joe (billybob476)
Oct. 18th:  “Clone Wars” TV series
Oct. 25th:  “Frankenstein” & “Dracula”