Podcast # 256 – “Dagger of the Mind” – 0912.06

This weekend I cover a TOS episode from season one that I haven’t gotten to yet.  The episode is called “Dagger of the Mind” and is a different type of Trek tale.  I cover this one with just audio clips and some commentary from myself.  But first, I chat briefly about my job situation (which changed again).  I also talk about all the great Sci-Fi I’ve been enjoying on TV and what I’m looking forward to at the movies in the next few weeks.  Been really liking the recent episodes that have been airing on shows such as:  “Dollhouse”, “Stargate: Universe”, “Clone Wars”, “Fringe”, “Smallville” and many more.  So check some of these shows out when you get the chance.  Not a lot going on with Trek right now, but you can read that movie scene they were thinking of doing with William Shatner HERE.  It’s an interesting read and nice scene, but ultimately not probably really needed for the recent movie.

Then I move on to the episode discussion.  “Dagger of the Mind” is actually one of the episodes from season one of TOS that isn’t really a big favorite of mine.  I think the guest stars are good and the story ok, but I think there are some holes in the plot and some things that are hard to swallow.  This episode introduces us to a few things like Dr. Helen Noel, the Vulcan mind meld, and penal colonies in the Federation.  I think the episode is kind of unique and splits the story and cast a bit, with Kirk and Dr. Noel down on the planet and Spock and McCoy back up on the ship investigating things still.  I do enjoy some of the moments in the episode and it has some odd ideas about mental health that I find a bit strange right now in the year 2009.  But, it’s fun still to watch again and share some info with all of you about the story.

I wrap up the podcast with a real quick look at a collectible.  It’s the Delorean Time Machine car as seen in “Back to the Future II.”  It’s a cool 1:15 scale car and lights up and even has sounds from the movie too.  The doors swing up and it’s got a really detailed interior.  I still have mine in the box, but here is a picture from Entertainment Earth of the item made by Diamond Select.  It looks to be sold out currently, but check eBay or other sites for a possible one to purchase.  It’s a great item and well worth getting if you enjoy this set of movies.

That about wraps things up this weekend folks.  Next weekend I’ll be doing a podcast covering the first Indy movie, “Raiders of the Lost Ark.”  Been wanting to cover all the Indy movies for awhile now, so I’m starting next weekend.  Take care until then and I’ll talk to you again then.

Podcast:  http://www.treksinscifi.com/podcasts/TreksinSciFi_256_Dagger_Mind.mp3