Latest Podcast Schedule

Here’s a new thread showing what is ahead for the podcast:

Schedule update:

Nov.   7th – TNG – “Peak Performance” w/ Rick Moyer
Nov. 14th – Collectibles/Gifts
Nov. 21st – DS9 – “Change of Heart”
Nov. 28th – Road Show 2
Dec.  5th – ENT – “Carpenter Street”
Dec. 12th – Vampires

Schedule update:

Dec. 19th – “Chuck” guest cast with Tim & Dan
Dec. 26th – Post Holiday Recap
Jan.  2nd –  Rick Moyer hosts the Best of TSF
Jan.  9th –  TOS – “Return to Tomorrow”
Jan. 16th – Year that Was – 1983
Jan. 23rd – TNG – “A Fistful of Datas”

Little update to the schedule:

Jan. 30th – Rick M. & Jedi Jeff cover “Galactica: 1980”
Feb. 6th:   VOY – “Timeless”
Feb. 13th:  “Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade”
Feb. 20th:  DS9 – “Tears of the Prophets”

More new shows….

Feb.  27th:  “Rocky Horror Picture Show” with Meds
March  7th:  TNG – “All Good Things…”
March 14th:  Skype Chat (3/13)
March 20th:  TOS – “All our Yesterdays”
March 27th:  The Year that Was – 1999