Podcast # 335 – “Blade Runner” – 1106.12

This weekend on the podcast I looked at the classic 1982 Sci-Fi movie, “Blade Runner.” This classic of cinema is a film I’ve been wanting to cover for some time.  First off in the podcast though, I talk about my latest gadget that I just got this week, a brand new, iPad 2!  Yes, I’ve joined the darkside and am enjoying this cool, Apple made product.  I haven’t had a huge amount of time to play with it yet, but so far I’m really enjoying it.  Lots of cool apps and fun things to do with it.  Games, audio, video, apps, maps, reading, comics, etc. are all pretty awesome on it.  I’m sure I’ll be talking more about it and maybe using it in some way on upcoming podcasts too.  Next up we have some listener comments.  First, Kenny tells us about the great time he had at “Star Wars in concert” this past week.  Sounds like he really enjoyed it.  And Will gives us a very brief review of the new “Super 8” film.  Then I move on to discussing the main topic for the show.

The movie “Blade Runner” is a definite classic and one I’ve seen a number of times.  It is a different SF film and takes a little work to watch and think about.  Harrison Ford is excellent as Rick Deckard and the whole cast does an amazing  job with this innovative film.  I love the look and feel that this movie has and always pick up new little things each time I watch it.  I talk about the production, casting, story, and background of the film in some detail.  I also discuss the various versions of the film that have been made.  I hope some of my discussion gets some of you to watch this classic again – or maybe for the very first time.  Also, I play some great comments from Bryan on this movie and have a new song by Rick to share as well.  Overall, I really enjoyed covering this film for all of you this week.

Next weekend I’ll be taking a week off, but you will be getting a special “Doctor Who” cast brought to you by Meds, Kenny, and Kasey.  I’ll be back in two weeks with an Enterprise episode, “Azati Prime.”  Take care until then and enjoy the nice summer weather!