Podcast # 367 – “Babylon 5” – 1201.22

This weekend we have a special guest host, Dave who will be taking you through the early days of the TV series, “Babylon 5.”  Way back in May of 2008 on podcast # 172 I did a show on this series but it’s definitely time to learn more about this very cool, Sci-Fi drama.  I’ll turn over the notes now to Dave so he can tell you what you will be hearing on his guest cast…

It was the dawn of the third age of television, many years before networks would discover the power of long-form storytelling, when Warner Brothers helped J. Michael Straczynski realize his dream to cross The Lord of the Rings with Casablanca…IN SPACE!

This podcast covers the events that shaped the Earth Alliance 100 years prior and up to the completion of Babylon 5.  Daily life on the station with the Ambassadors and Earth Gov. Finally the music of Christopher Franke is reviewed and comments by the fans and cast of the show.
Thanks much for doing this Dave.  I know everyone will enjoy it greatly.  A slight schedule change is in store for next week.  The first “Harry Potter” cast has been delayed.  But instead, next week I will do another look back at another great year in Sci-Fi history – 1985!  So, have a great week and talk to you all next week on TSF!