Podcast # 398 – “The Greatest American Hero” – 1208.19

This week on the podcast I’m back and covering one of my favorite 80’s TV series, “The Greatest American Hero.”  This cult series features a superb cast, fun stories and a very cool premise of an ordinary guy getting a super suit that lets him do super things.  I also cover some Trek subjects (including a cool new music, CD collection coming) and some other geeky topics.  So, it was a very fun podcast to record this week.

“The Greatest American Hero” TV series only lasted for 3 seasons and 44 episode but it is a great series and lots of fun to watch.  It features William Katt as Ralph Hinkley, Robert Culp as Agent Bill Maxwell and Connie Selleca as Counselor Pam Davidson.  The idea of a regular guy getting a super suit that lets him pretty much become a superman is a cool concept.  The show has a lot of heart and comedy too as well as some fun special effects that might look a bit dated now but still have their charm.  I go over the details of the series and play several clips from the pilot episode.  I hope you enjoy this look back at this fun TV show.

That’s about it for this week.  Next week Rick Moyer & Chris will be back with a look at the first Galactica pilot film, “Saga of a Star World.”  And I will return in two weeks with a special 7th year anniversary, live show for podcast #400.  More details on that show here soon.  Take care until then and enjoy your week ahead.