Podcast # 405 – “Sky Captain & the World of Tomorrow” – 1210.07

This week guest host Davekill from the forums take us on a cool journey with a look at the 2004 film, “Sky Captain & the World of Tomorrow.”  I really enjoyed this movie when it came out and it’s unlike most other Sci-Fi films you may have seen over the years.  It has a cool retro, steampunk kind of vibe and I was very happy Dave wanted to cover it for the podcast.  I’ll turn this over to Dave now and have him tell you a bit about his cast.

“This week we’re chasing mechanical monsters and a mad scientist in the retro-style summer movie from 2004, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.
Discover the real man-behind-the-curtain who dared to dream of telling his story and how through a twist of fate his fan-film captured the attention of one of Hollywood’s biggest producers.
Though not a summer blockbuster, ‘Sky Captain’ is a real life success story for one common man, and one we can all share.
Score one for the good guys!” 🙂
Thanks again
Thanks again Dave for covering this neat movie.  Below you will find a little movie montage of the film and a song that’s used in it.  I’ll be back again next week with a look at the Voyager episode, “Blink of an Eye.”  Take care until then and enjoy the week.