Podcast # 414 – “Operation: Annihilate!” – 1212.09

This week on the podcast I look at this TOS episode from the end of season one of the series.  But first, I have to talk about the new teaser trailer to next May’s new film, “Star Trek Into Darkness.”  The trailer came out just a few days ago and I give you some of my thoughts, impressions and theories too about what I think this movie might be about.  All conjecture at this stage but I think we are getting close to learning much more about this movie.  The trailer certainly makes it look exciting and action packed too.  Can’t wait!  I also talk some about the excellent series, “The Walking Dead” and how much I enjoy this show.  I sprinkle in a few other geeky tidbits too before moving on to the main topic for the week.

The episode, “Operation: Annihilate!” is a pretty cool little tale from the end of the first season of TOS.  It tells of a colony on a planet called Deneva and some creatures there that have attacked the colony.  We also get some insight into Kirk’s family too in this episode.  There are some good moments for the main trio of Kirk, Spock, and McCoy in this one and it’s a solid episode.  I give some behind the scenes information and other details too you may not know about this episode.  I play several audio clips and have fun covering this one for all of you listening.

I wrap up the show with a little holiday, Trekmas style music from Rick Moyer.  Find more of his cool, Trekmas tunes HERE.  Next week Marc (M-5 on the forums) will be here to discuss a classic Sci-Fi film called, “Journey to the Far Side of the Sun.”  I’ll be back in two weeks with our holiday, Secret Santa vidcast.  So, in the meantime enjoy the week ahead and be careful out there with all the holiday madness.  Talk to you again soon.