Podcast # 423 – “Elementary, Dear Data” – 1302.10

Lots to talk about this week on the podcast.  First up, I give everyone the lowdown on the latest “Star Trek Into Darkness” news and speculation out there.  I have a few theories of my own that I share too this week.  The movie is now coming out on May 15th in select IMAX 3-D theaters.  Check for tickets in your area HERE.  I’m excited to see it in IMAX – maybe not so much in 3-D.  But I expect I will be seeing this film many times in theaters.  I also share some of my personal ideas on the film, the new App that is out for the movie and the latest in the trailers too.  I also briefly cover what I’ve been watching and enjoying on TV too.  Then it’s on to the main topic for this week.

The second season TNG episode, “Elementary, Dear Data” is a great episode that pits Data against a holographic created Professor Moriarty.  This is a very cool episode with lots of fun and surprises too.  It cost a great deal to make and they even had to cut one day from the shooting schedule too – which didn’t make director Rob Bowman very happy.  They were able to bring Moriarty back, but not until season six due to some some legal rights from the estate of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.  This episode was also nominated for two Emmy awards in Art Direction & Costume Design.  I forgot to mention some of this on the podcast but wanted to share this here.  They also changed the ending somewhat and this I talked about on the cast.  It’s a fun episode and I enjoyed covering it.  Thanks to Rick Moyer for his comments this week on the show.  On the podcast next week, Chris & Bryan return with part two of their look at the “Dune” franchise.  I will return in two weeks with a special joint podcast with the Anomaly Podcast ladies – Jen & Angela as we discuss some bad Trek.  Until then, take care and enjoy the week ahead.