Podcast # 425 – Anomaly Eden – 1302.24

Hey everyone – this week a fun and different TSF podcast.  I got together last weekend and recorded a show with the Anomaly Podcast ladies, Jen & Angela.  We covered the classic Trek episode, “The Way to Eden.”  This show was a blast to do and I had a great time with Jen & Angela (and a lot of laughs along the way too).  We cover this not so great episode of Trek with some audio clips, behind the scenes details, and much more.  We also share some convention stories too along the way.  Technically this was their show, so it will be released on their feed too (with a slightly different edit).  Expect another joint cast sometime in the near future with us again.  Big thanks to both Jen & Angela for the help on this week’s podcast – they are awesome!  Tune in next week when Mark (M-5) will be here as a guest host covering the 1965 film, “Planet of the Vampires.”  That should be a great show to listen to.  Take care until then and enjoy the week ahead!