Podcast # 429 – The Year, 2002 – 1303.24

This week on the podcast I do another one of my year in review type shows covering genre related TV & films – this time from the fairly recent year of 2002.  First off on the podcast I talk about the latest international trailer for “Star Trek Into Darkness.”  This trailer gives us a lot of new material to see and ponder about for the next two months until the movie comes out in mid May.  I’m even more excited than I was before after I saw this trailer.  I give out some ideas and speculation about what I think it all means at this point in time.  Then it’s on to the look at the year, 2002.

The year 2002 was an amazing year for genre fans.  We got the last TNG film, the middle Lord of the Rings film, the first Spider-Man movie and much, much more.  I start off covering the TV areas with great shows like “Firefly” and “Enterprise.”  Lots of other series continued during 2002 and some ended long runs on TV then (like “The X Files”).  Then I move to talk about films like “Minority Report”, “Men in Black II”, and Episode II: Attack of the Clones.  Just a lot of great stuff to watch during the year 2002.  I only cover a small portion of the cool things we got to see then.

Here are a few reference links I used during the podcast:  Top Sci-Fi TV shows, Sci-Fi films 2002, IMDB SF 2002, Yearly Box Office Totals

I hope everyone enjoys my look back at 2002.  Thanks to Rick Moyer for his audio on top TV shows & music from that year.  Next week Rick & Jedi Jeff will be here as guest hosts talking about Trek ships, which I’m sure will be a lot of fun.  I’ll talk to you in about two weeks with a new podcast.  Until then, take care and enjoy the week ahead.