Podcast # 435 – Skype Movie Chat – 1305.05

This week on the podcast we have our fairly regular summer movie Skype Chat with some friends of the podcast.  I got together yesterday on Skype with my friends:  Chris, Rick, and Will to talk all about the upcoming summer films we are excited to see.  Lots of great stuff coming this summer.  We start out talking about the just released “Iron Man 3” movie (spoiler free talk – of course).  Then we move on to cover things such as:   “Star Trek Into Darkness”, “Man of Steel”, “The Wolverine”, “Pacific Rim” and much more.  I manage to slip a few clips into the show too.  So, I hope this podcast gets everyone even more excited for what we will be seeing this summer at the movies.  Big thanks to Chris, Rick, and Will for joining me this week.  And make sure to listen to Rick Moyer’s new parody song at the end of the podcast called:  “JJ’s to Blame.”  It’s awesome!  you can find this song & more of Rick’s parody songs HERE.  That’s it for this week.  Next week Chris & Joby will be here talking all about the latest “Star Trek” video game set in the JJ-verse of Trek.  Tune in for that fun show.  Until then enjoy your week ahead and take care.