Podcast # 449 – “Knight Rider” – 1308.11

This weekend, Meds (Simon Meddings of the terrific ‘Waffle On’ podcast) takes us on a journey back to the 80’s for a look at the cult classic TV series, “Knight Rider.”  I loved this series back in the day and Meds does a great job covering this iconic show.  Here are some words from Meds on his latest guest podcast for the TSF audience.

In the early 80’s the world was depressed with the Cold War, cheesy music and good grief, shoulder pads. But we we also had classic tv and what better than cheesy sci-fi television.
The first in a series of one hit wonders Treks in Sci Fi contributor Meds brings us a podcast on “Knight Rider”, the television programme that launched the talents of David ‘don’t hassle the hoff ‘ Hasslehoff.  Sit back, back comb your hair and enjoy Rico Dostie’s, “Treks in Knight Rider.”

Thanks so much Meds for another fun filled guest spot.  I do miss those shows from that era.  I’ll be back next weekend with show #450 and a look at the Voyager episode, “Shattered.”  Take care until then and enjoy your week ahead everyone.