Podcast # 450 – “Shattered” – 1308.18

This weekend it’s a classic show with a look at the 7th season Voyager episode called “Shattered.”  I start the show with some discussion on recent films I have seen, such as “Elysium” and a couple others.  I share some spoiler-free comments on this film and talk about what I liked and didn’t like about it.  I also talk about some of the recent summer TV I have been enjoying – including a few non-genre shows too.  I also ask for some donations for my upcoming annual Dreamhost hosting fees for the site and podcast.  Go HERE to donate – if you would care to (it would be greatly appreciated).  Then it’s on to the Voyager episode.

This seventh season episode called “Shattered” is kind of a time travel tale and lets us see Voyager at different time periods in the past.  Chakotay is able to visit these different time frames due to a temporal accident and eventually has to get the aid of Janeway in fixing the ship.  It’s a cool episode and we get to revisit some key moments from past episodes.  I always enjoy a good time travel story and this is a fun and cool episode to see again and comment on for all of you listening.  Hope you enjoy my comments.

I wrap up the podcast with a look ahead and some comments on the new Black Series of Hasbro 6″ action figures hitting stores right now.  I have one so far, but hope to find some more soon.  I end the podcast by playing a cool song by Rick Moyer called “Unimatrix Zero One Seven of Nine.”  Find all of Rick’s parody stuff HERE.  That’s all for this time gang.  Tune in next week when Rick Moyer will guest and cover the TNG episode, “Booby Trap.”  Take care until then and enjoy your week ahead.