Podcast # 487 – “The Continuing Mission” – 1405.11

A very special podcast this week with two awesome guests!  I will let them describe the cool show they recorded recently.

This week on Treks in Sci fi Rick Moyer interviews Sebastian Prooth about his new audio drama that was released today!  Sebastian Prooth is a life-long fan of Star Trek and all forms of entertainment. He took that interest and applied it to working on short films, television and most recently a revival of “Star Trek: The Continuing Mission”, an award winning web audio series he co-created in 2007. He is also developing another audio series for the web entitled Pirate Chronicles, working on a couple feature films scripts and working in reality TV by day. He resides in Los Angeles, CA.
The newest episode of Star Trek The Continuing Mission can be found here http://www.startrekcontinuingmission.com/index.php/episode-8-cathedral-void/
They talk about all things Trek, including the remastered projects, and memories of The Star Trek Experience.
Thanks much to Sebastian and Rick for doing a great podcast!  I will be back next week with an interview with author Marc Cushman discussing his “These are the Voyages” books on the making of the original series.  Until then take care and enjoy your week ahead.