Podcast # 589 – “The Omega Glory” – 1605.30

This week a classic show for Memorial Day with a look at the TOS episode called, “The Omega Glory.”  This is a good episode and one appropriate for the holiday in a way.  I first talk about the “X-Men Apocalypse” film and give a short, spoiler-free review of the movie.  I liked it and talk a little about my love for the X-Men comics that I’ve read for many years.  Then I talk a bit about my recent Patreon Phase II project as I build the next part of my set and I also talk about some of the recent TV season as well.  Then I get into discussing the Trek episode and play several clips from the show.  There are some nice meanings and messages in this episode and I’ve come to enjoy it more over the years even though it wasn’t a favorite of mine growing up watching it in reruns.  I finish off the show talking about upcoming podcasts and a few other geeky topics.  Hope everyone enjoyed the podcast this week.  Have a great week!