Podcast # 590 – The Year 1977 – 1606.05

This week on the podcast I do another show looking back at a select year in genre movies & TV – this time it’s the year 1977.  Most know this was a huge year due to the release of the first “Star Wars” movie (over 39 years ago now).  But many other cool & fun Sci-Fi and fantasy films and TV shows came out that year as well.  I talk at the start of the show about my set building thanks to the Patreon support for the podcast.  I also talk a bit about the recent controversy about “Rogue One” reshoots (or additional shoots).  Then I talk about the main topic and cover several key films and TV shows from the year 1977.  This year means a lot to me and I know many others since it began the “Star Wars” saga.  I hope you enjoy this podcast looking abck at this amazing year in the genre.

Next week there won’t be a podcast as my older son is getting married.  Mark will be here in two weeks with a look at the film, “The Man From Planet X” and I will be back the last weekend of this month to look at the Enterprise episode, “Fallen Hero.”  Until then take care and enjoy the nice summer weather.