Podcast # 670 – Chris & Rico Skype Questions – 1802.11

This week on the podcast I got on Skype with my friend Chris Clemente and we had a good chat about a wide range of topics.  From Conan to Star Trek: Discovery and more.  Chris had the idea for a show where he asks me some questions about my favorite movies, favorite Trek, top 5 lists of things and so on.  I had a lot of fun answering and Chris weighs in with his views as well.  We also talk near the end of the podcast about our predictions for the season final of “Star Trek: Discovery” which airs in a few hours tonight.  It was a fun show and we had a good time recording it.  Next week there will be another Skype chat show where we wrap up the season with talk all about the complete first season of Discovery.  Hope you enjoy the show this week and you can find more shows with Chris over at the excellent “Star Wars Stacks” podcast where they review the latest books out in the “Star Wars” universe.  If you want to support the podcast, head over to Patreon HERE to do that.  Until next time take care and enjoy your week.