Podcast # 671 – “Three Rick’s and a Jen” – 1802.18

This week on the podcast we got on Skype with three Rick’s and a Jen to discuss season one of “Star Trek: Discovery.”  I was joined by my friends Rick Moyer (and his wife Amy), Rick Peete, and Jen from the Anomaly Podcast.  We talked all about the first season of the latest Trek series.  We talked about some of the highlights, our favorite characters and episodes and also we touch on our hopes and thoughts on what might be ahead in season two for this great new Trek show.  It was a fun time as always and I hope everyone enjoys this podcast.  Make sure to check out this series now on CBS All-Access or wherever it happens to be showing in your region of the world. 

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Next week Shawn from the “Rusted Robot Podcast” will be here to talk about the cult classic film, “Cherry 2000.”  Until next time take care and enjoy your week.