Podcast # 676 – “The Lost Vikings” – 1803.25

This week guest host Joe Mastroianni from the great gaming podcast called the Upper Memory Block Podcast (or UMB Cast) is sitting in for me as we do a little cross-promotion and let Joe tell you all about a game from 1992 called “The Lost Vikings.”  Joe does his usual fun and detailed job covering the games and it’s various incarnations.  Sit back and let Joe tell you all about this cool blast from the past in the world of gaming.  Also check out Joe’s podcast HERE and also his Patreon page HERE too.

Next weekend is Easter weekend and I think I’m going to take the week off.  I’ll be back in two weeks with my friend Chris Clemente as we talk all about the world of comic books (which we both read & love).  Until next time take care and enjoy the week ahead & beyond!

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