Podcast # 678 – Aurora Repeat – 1804.15

This week on the podcast I repeat a show from way back in 2006 (#38 actually).  In this episode I play for you the second of my old audio adventures of the Starship Aurora that I did with my friends way back in high school.  These were scripts we wrote and acted out on audio tape with effects and music slipped in.  Due to the equipment and times we worked in the audio quality is not great, but these were a lot of fun to record and do with my friends.  This episode was #2 and is called, “Rage” where we all go a little nuts.  This post HERE will link you to all the old Aurora episodes.  Hope you enjoy this!

Next week I will be back with a look at the TOS episode, “The Conscience of the King.”  You can support the show on Patreon HERE.

Have a great week and take care until next time.