Podcast # 679 – “The Conscience of the King” – 1804.22

This week is a classic style podcast.  First, I talk some about my excitement for the next “Avengers” film coming out later this week.  I talk a little about what I’m watching on TV – including the cool new, “Lost in Space” series on Netflix.  Then on move on to this week’s main topic.

The episode from TOS called, “The Conscience of the King” is from season one of the series and I play the episode and offer commentary.  I’m actually reading a related Trek book right now that involves this story.  The book is called, “Drastic Measures” and that involves some of the Discovery characters too.  This TOS episode was not a big favorite of mine while growing up watching Trek reruns but I have come to appreciate it more these days.  It has some interesting and unique moments and I do enjoy a good Uhura song scene too.  Hope you enjoy my look at this episode for this week.

Next week Mark will be here with a look at the film, “Red Planet Mars.”  I will be back in two weeks.  You can support the podcast via Patreon HERE.

Until next time, take care and enjoy your week ahead.