Podcast # 681 – Avengers Infinity War, etc. – 1805.06

This week on the podcast my buddy Chris Clemente from the “Star Wars Stacks” podcast and me get together to dive deep into the “Avengers Infinity War” movie.  There are many spoilers for the film in the podcast, so don’t listen until you see the movie.  We also talk about what we are hoping for in the “Han Solo” film coming out soon and we talk a bit about “Star Trek: Discovery” Season 2 (some small spoilers for season one).  And, Chris also hits me with some Trek Trivial Pursuit too.  A real fun chat that is super nerdy, geeky and super fun!  Hope you all enjoy it!

Next week I will be back with a look at the 1960’s era “Batman” series and much more fun on Treks in Sci-Fi.  You can support the podcast HERE.  Until next time, take care and enjoy your week.