Podcast # 687 – “Lessons” – 1806.17

This week it’s a classic style show with a look at recent geeky stuff and a TNG episode commentary.  I start off with talking about upcoming cons I will be attending (like San Diego in July) and also hopefully next year’s Star Wars celebration convention in Chicago too.  I talk a little about recent TV & movies and then it’s on to the Trek episode for this week.

I like the TNG episode “Lessons” quite a lot.  It’s a love story episode about Picard and one of his crew but it’s handled very well, if not a bit too quickly.  It has some nice character moments and the guest star, late actress Wendy Hughes is especially good as Nella Daren.  I enjoyed watching this one quite a bit again and I comment as I play it for all of you.

After the Trek episode I play a special musical moment treat by Vartok about the music from “Solo: A Star Wars Story.”  Thanks Vartok!  

That’s about all for this week.  Next week should be a guest cast.  Until next time stay cool and enjoy your week!

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