Podcast # 688 – “Lost in Space” – 1806.24

This week is something a bit different – a rerun from 2007!  Back then I did a podcast about the original “Lost in Space” series from the 1960’s.  With the cool, new Netflix series I thought it was a good time to rerun this old show.  If you already heard it way back then – well, no need to listen again.  But, it is kind of fun to listen to one of my much older and much earlier days podcasts.  Anyway – enjoy it!

Next weekend I think I’ll be doing a show wrapping up the past TV season.  There was some good stuff to watch on network TV, Netflix, CBS All-Access and so on.  Tune in next week to listen in to what I thought of this past year’s TV.

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Thanks for dropping by this week and enjoy your week ahead.