Podcast # 691 – “Civil Defense” – 1807.15

This week it’s a classic style podcast with a look at a “Deep Space Nine” episode.  I start with a little bit of pre-talk about my upcoming trip out to San Diego Comic Con this coming week.  It’s my first time out to the big MEGA con and I’m trying to prepare myself – to some degree.  I feel like no amount of planning will really prepare me.  I’m excited to be going but also slightly intimidated as well.  But I’ve gone to a lot of cons so I think I’ll be ok.  I’m hoping to meet up with some podcast friends too and others as well.  I also talk a little bit about my recent TV and movie viewing and then it’s on to the Trek commentary.

This week I comment on the DS9 episode, “Civil Defense” from season three.  This is a cool episode that has the station trying to basically kill everyone due to some old computer programs left by the Cardassians.  There is a good use of all of the cast as well as guest stars too.  Fun and cool episode and I comment while playing it all for you guys.

That’s about all for this week.  Next week will be a guest cast and I will be back in two weeks with a big vidcast all about SDCC!  So, take care, stay cool and enjoy the weeks ahead. 

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