Vidcast # 696 – 13th Anniversary Show – 1809.02

Today I celebrated 13 years of doing my Treks in Sci-Fi Podcast.  Little did I know back in 2005 how much this show would become a part of my life, how many cool new folks I would meet online (and in person) because of doing the show.  Mainly it’s been a lot of fun (and a lot of work at times too).  I hope you enjoy watching this live show where I talk about comics, books and cons I’ve been too.  Didn’t have that many tune into the Twitch live stream which is probably due to the holiday weekend here and other things but I still had a fun time doing it.  So, here’s the cast in case you missed it.  Next week will be a guest podcast.  If you want to support the show, go to PATREON to do so.  Thanks and here’s to the next year of the podcast!