Podcast # 698 – “Infinity War” – 1809.16

This week I got together with Chris Clemente over Skype to discuss “Avengers: Infinity War” as well as other topics.  The movie is a few months out now and also available on home video so if you haven’t watched it yet – well, you should have because it’s a great movie.  We talk about the film and the other Marvel film series too.  We talk about some of our favorite moments and why this movie works so well.  We also talk some about the troubles in the DC film series and the recent talk about the possibility of them recasting Superman – maybe.  And we hit on the new DC Universe streaming service that both Chris and I have signed up for and are trying out now.  We cover a lot of ground in 90 minutes of chatting and I hope you enjoy it.  Bug thanks to Chris for joining in this week.  Make sure to check out his “Star Wars Stacks” podcast that he does with Jen & Joe.

Next week should be a guest podcast and I’ll be back in two weeks with big show #700!  If you want to support the podcast go over to Patreon HERE and check it out.

Take care all and have a nice week.