Podcast # 701 – “Ferengi Marauder with Jedi Jeff” – 1810.07

This week Jedi Jeff is back in the center seat with a cool new podcast.  Jeff looks at in detail the Ferengi Marauder ship as first seen in TNG.  He talks about details of the ship and other fun facts.  Jeff also talks about the recent announcement about the now filming new live action “Star Wars” TV series called “The Mandalorian” that looks to be very western in style and obviously focuses in on the Mandalorians.  Jeff also discusses his huge, UCS Millennium Falcon ship that he has been building for some time now.  Big thanks to Jeff for doing this week’s guest spot.

Next week I will be here to talk about the first two “Star Trek: Discovery” episodes from season one as we move closer to season two (a new season two trailer just came out HERE).  Take care until next time and enjoy your week.

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