Podcast # 705 – DC Animated Films 2 – 1811.11

This week I do a second part to my look at the DC Animated Film series.  I last looked at these films back in 2014 on Podcast #473.  This week I look at the last half of the current run of DC animated films that have some out so far.  I start the show talking about some recent TV and movies I have seen.  Then I get into these DC animated films.  I cover about a dozen movies in the series and play trailers for several of them.  There’s quite a few that are great movies here and I hope a few peak your interest.  You can get most of these films in an epic collection HERE on Amazon.  Again, a great set of films and all worth watching.

Next week will be a guest cast and in two weeks I will be back with a look at another couple of Discovery episodes.  Until next time take care and enjoy your week.  

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