Podcast # 707 – More Disco – 1811.25

This week I decided to cover (briefly) the next four episodes of season one of “Star Trek: Discovery.”  I previously covered the first two episodes a few weeks back and I’m trying to power through all of them prior to season two in January.  I first talk about some recent TV & movies as I usually do and also a cool new prop that I got from master prop builder Richard Coyle.  Then it’s on to the Discovery chat.

The next four episodes of Discovery do a lot to introduce us the the Discovery crew and ship.  Lots of interesting things going on and I enjoyed it when I was first watching these episodes as they aired about a year ago.  I give a brief rundown on the episodes and point out some highlights and behind the scenes stuff too.  Hope you enjoy the quick look at these episodes.

Next week should be a guest cast.  Until next time take care and enjoy your week ahead.

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