Podcast # 712 – Music of Howard Shore – 1812.30

This week we have music expert Vartok guest hosting with a mega-sized podcast all about the music of Howard Shore.  Vartok does his amazing great job covering a ton of cool music from this composer.  A big thanks to Vartok for all the hard work he puts into these special guest podcasts.

Next week I will be back as I try to wrap up the final episodes in season one of “Star Trek: Discovery” and also talk a little about the “Short Treks” that have been coming out.  We are now less than a month away from season two starting on January 17th, 2019 and I’m super excited!

A Happy New Year for 2019 to all the listeners of the podcast too!  I just put up a special mini-vidcast over on PATREON for supporters of the cast to watch.  Please support the podcast if you are able via PATREON.

Take care all and have a great week and a great 2019!!!