Podcast # 713 – Discovery 7-15 – 1901.06

This week I warp through a quick rundown of the rest of the episodes from “Star Trek: Discovery” season one.  I start the show with a little general talk about several topics from comics, to movies, to the holidays.  Then I do a brief recap and play a trailer for the remaining episodes from DISCO season one to get us all ready for season two which starts in less than two weeks!  I really think season one was excellent and I briefly cover episodes 7-15 of the season.  Some crazy and amazing stuff happened with some surprises too.  Hope you enjoy the podcast this week.  Next week will be either a guest cast or maybe a rerun and in two weeks I’m planning on doing a Skype Chat after the first episode of Discovery airs for season two.  Until next time, take care and enjoy your week.

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