Podcast # 717 – Enterprise “Bound” – 1902.17

This week it’s finally a return to a classic style podcast with a look at the 4th season Enterprise episode called, “Bound.”  First up, I discuss some of the recent genre TV and movies I’ve been watching.  A few comments about the terrible winter here in Michigan and con topics and then on to the main topic for this week.  This Trek episode gives us a good look at the Orion’s as a group of three lovely Orion slave girls come aboard Enterprise.  Of course, trouble starts to happen soon after their arrival and this is a fun episode to watch as the crew deals with these ladies.  I play the episode for all of you and comment as I watch it.

Next week mark will be here with a look at the movie, “The Rocketeer” for all of you.  Until next time enjoy your week and be safe out there.

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