Podcast # 719 – Oscars & Sci-Fi – 1903.03

With the recent Academy Awards and Oscars given out I decided to do a podcast talking about how Sci-Fi & Fantasy films have been viewed and handled by the Oscars over the years.  First, I give a spoiler free review of “Alita: Battle Angel” and talk about some other recent and upcoming films and TV.  For the main topic I run through several years of Academy Awards and talk about genre films that have been nominated for various things and what awards have been gathered over the years for genre films.  It’s an interesting topic and with the recent nominations for “Black Panther” maybe we are on the cusp of the Academy paying more attention to these types of films in the future.  

Next week’s show will be a guest spot of a repeat show.  Hope you enjoyed this week’s podcast and take care in the week ahead.

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